Digitalize Marketing Technology

Digitalization of marketing technology is all about staying one step ahead of the customers’ evolving needs. It can be achieved by streamlining the processes, tools, operations and data to suit the wants and wishes of today’s hyperconnected shopper. The experience they receive on their preferred channel, device and at their preferred time, hugely influences their buying behavior. Digitalizing the marketing function remains the only options for enterprises that are looking towards growing exponentially, increasing efficiency, and enhancing customer experience.

Enable Digitalization in Marketing with Pimcore


Pimcore’s open source CMS platform empowers marketers to consistently adjust as well as optimize the way they engage with audience on multiple touchpoints. Marketers can personalize digital content by integrating content, commerce and community via its consolidated platform that integrates WCM, eCommerce, PIM, and DAM.


Multi-Channel Marketing Automation

Pimcore’s marketing automation framework enables enterprise marketing and sales processes by delivering right content at the right time to the right audience to multiple channels, through customer segmentation, personalized engagements, campaign management and customer data integration.

Omni-channel Enablement

Pimcore helps you seamlessly deliver tailored experiences across multiple customer touchpoints whether it’s marketplace, social, point-of-sale, print, mobile, digital signage, et al. Moreover, Pimcore’s digital content management system can deliver content to any channel or device via its API-oriented architecture.

Customer Data Management (CDM)

Pimcore’s customer data management framework lets you assign segments to your customers based on their distinct buying behavior. It’s done by combining duplicate profiles and assigning social profiles to every customer. Then customer profiles are segmented into persona groups, which in turn are used for marketing automation and personalization.

Open Source CMS: Flexibility, Customizability, Innovation

Freedom from any limitations, dependency and affordability aside, open source comes with unparalleled benefits that can prove to be highly valuable for enterprises. At least, three factors that stand out in case of Pimcore’s open source CMS are:

  • Flexibility: The flexibility to carry out in-house modifications quickly and easily is possible with open source; Pimcore’s open code can pave the way for streamlined improvements and stable releases. Enterprises can easily update the website at any time. Pimcore’s open APIs takes flexibility to the next level when it comes to integration with other systems or 3rd party apps.
  • Customizability: Pimcore makes it possible for enterprises to implement any major or minor customizations, whether it’s to do with integration with plugins or creating their own functionalities from scratch. Pimcore’s open source CMS offers a variety of options to mold your web CMS best suitable to your budgetary limitation. Customizability can pave the way for highly advanced user interface and enhanced user experience.
  • Innovation: Open source is backed by a huge community of innovators who are pivotal to taking the technology forward. It is due to these innovations, that Pimcore’s open source CMS is today considered to be highly modular and robust. It is apt to adapt with latest advancements in technology to suit the evolving customer behavior, in order to create meaningful, consistent and cohesive experiences.

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Burger King

Fast food king rules website and mobile apps engagements

Burger King, known worldwide as a fast food chain, offers breakfasts, fries, and shakes as well as breakfast. With more than 15,000 locations worldwide, more than 11 million guests visit BURGER KING® restaurants around the world. Pimcore provided a multilingual solution for the content management framework.
WCM, Food and drink

Luxury vehicle maker automates dealership furnishing with B2B shop

AUDI AG is an automobile manufacturer that produces and distributes premium vehicles. Centralizing the showroom furniture products from different suppliers on a digital portal significantly increased the efficiency of the order process and ensures global brand consistency.
WCM, PIM, eCommerce, DAM, Manufacturing, Technology, Distribution, Automotive and vehicles

80% increase in revenue for online sporting goods retailer

Intersport is the world’s leading sporting goods retailer. They are present in more than 40 countries with over 5.500 stores world-wide. They sell a variety of sporting equipment for outdoor sports, indoor sports, football, winter sports, running, and fitness.
WCM, PIM, eCommerce, DAM, Retail

Inflight merchandising center scales up into new markets

Gogo's legacy system was limiting their abilities to provide unique offers, scale up into new markets, and produce effective analytic reports. They needed an efficient CMS to help solve these problems.
WCM, PIM, Technology

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