Manage Personalized Experiences

Personalized digital experience management has become pivotal to any enterprise growth strategy today. It starts with creating personas, grouping them together, tracking visitors, scaling content, and improving the packaging of content continuously. Deep customer insights are behind highly relevant and individualized customer engagements. These insights are then supplemented with deployment of apt technology solutions to achieve optimal experiences for individual customers. These technology solutions are often realized by aligning internal departments with the overall optimization strategy of enterprise.

Attain Optimal Personalization with Pimcore


Pimcore’s rule-based personalization can boost your online presence dramatically. It has the power to gather user behavior, define personas, and provide pertinent content to your target groups. Pimcore achieves it via profiling users, studying online behaviors, and analytics.


Bridge Siloed Systems

Enterprise content management system of Pimcore can be coupled with its advanced product master data management which makes sure that high quality, clean and consistent data is consolidated in one single source through seamless collaboration between disparate systems, technologies and information sources.

Real-time Personalization

Being an open source CMS, Pimcore provides a flexible and extendable way for real-time explicit and implicit on-site behavioral targeting, and supports the ability to define both global target groups and advanced persona profiles. This results in triggering personalized offers and therefore better engagement.

AI Powered Personalization

It is the behavioral targeting in Pimcore’s content management system that works in tandem with its customer data platform (CDP) which makes Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered personalization possible. This is  done by controlling all the content and making its delivery highly contextual and targeted.

Open Source CMS: Flexibility, Customizability, Innovation

Freedom from any limitations, dependency and affordability aside, open source comes with unparalleled benefits that can prove to be highly valuable for enterprises. At least, three factors that stand out in case of Pimcore’s open source CMS are:

  • Flexibility: The flexibility to carry out in-house modifications quickly and easily is possible with open source; Pimcore’s open code can pave the way for streamlined improvements and stable releases. Enterprises can easily update the website at any time. Pimcore’s open APIs takes flexibility to the next level when it comes to integration with other systems or 3rd party apps.
  • Customizability: Pimcore makes it possible for enterprises to implement any major or minor customizations, whether it’s to do with integration with plugins or creating their own functionalities from scratch. Pimcore’s open source CMS offers a variety of options to mold your web CMS best suitable to your budgetary limitation. Customizability can pave the way for highly advanced user interface and enhanced user experience.
  • Innovation: Open source is backed by a huge community of innovators who are pivotal to taking the technology forward. It is due to these innovations, that Pimcore’s open source CMS is today considered to be highly modular and robust. It is apt to adapt with latest advancements in technology to suit the evolving customer behavior, in order to create meaningful, consistent and cohesive experiences.

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