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Pimcore is an open source and web-based software platform for managing data and user experiences.

Used more than 80.000 times in 56 countries and available in 20 languages

Pimcore is the only platform that combines PIM/MDM (Product Information Management and Master Data Management), CMS (Web Content Management), DAM (Digital Asset Management) and e-Commerce functionalities out-of-the-box. 

With a boosted time-to-market, superior quality, and an open source licensing model. Solve your digital transformation challenges and give Pimcore a try. Our global consulting team and partner network will give you the needed support and consultation. We are Pimcore and we own the digital world.

Digitalize marketing

Pimcore is a digital transformation enabler. And the Pimcore Experience Manager, consisting of Pimcore CMS and Pimcore eCommerce, is the needed toolbox for digitalizing marketing. Digitalization is the process of streamlining operations, processes and data to the dramatically changed customer expectations. It’s finally all about the customer experience. And that’s exactly what Pimcore CMS does best. Pimcore delivers the right content to the right audience, at the right time and in the right channel and to the right device.

But Pimcore is more than that. Pimcore is the consolidated platform for content, community and commerce across all customer touch points and integrates CMS, PIM, DAM and eCommerce functionalities within the Pimcore Experience Manager and the Pimcore Data Manager. We allow marketers to constantly adapt and optimize their engagement efforts across multiple channels - web, mobile, social, e-mail, print, digital signage, etc. Pimcore easily promotes managing personalized digital content with a flexible and integrated platform built to support any application on any device.


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Manage personalized experiences fast

Creating engaging personalized digital experiences in a fast and efficient way is the core philosophy that defines Pimcore. It’s a marketing and experience management platform that has been delivering exceptional results since almost 7 years. That’s also the reason Marketers just love Pimcore, because it empowers them to do great things.

Pimcore Experience Manager is the flexible open-source platform helping you to manage content and marketing campaigns in real time, all within one single, intuitive interface. Marketers nowadays need extra-smart solutions, especially because various challenges have to be faced: Coping with digital transformation is a key topic for any CMO and for the whole marketing team. And in that regards, you need a solution that integrates and consolidates data and marketing processes, maximizes efficiency, and minimizes costs.


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Content Commerce

Pimcore Experience Manager is the only open-source experience management platform bridging content and commerce. Create amazing buying experiences with ease by combining enterprise web content management with Pimcore’s integrated best-in-class e-Commerce framework. Seamlessly combine product and marketing content and use the integrated digital marketing capabilities to create exceptional solutions with boosted conversion rates.

Forget about complex interfaces and integration projects between CMS, PIM and shop-front software. As most digital experiences contain content and commerce elements, we consolidated both functionalities within the Pimcore Experience Manager. Tell your story with Pimcore Experience Manager – 100% seamless and optimized for both B2C and even the most complex B2B environments.


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Single-source and multi-channel publishing

Today content is used for an enormous amount of different digital and analogue output channels. Imagine creating content repeatedly for disparate channels including web, apps, e-Commerce, social media, digital signage and print  – that’s just unimaginable and highly inefficient.   Therefore, flexible single-source publishing is a key element for the smart automation of content management and delivery processes. Pimcore CMS allows you to edit and manage content in just one place and reuse it in all output channels. Moreover, this is not limited to just web content. With the help of Pimcore Data Manager, you can also manage all your digital media assets and product data in one place.

Single-source publishing enhances productivity, maximizes efficiency, minimizes costs and enables smart processes within marketing teams. That’s why Pimcore is loved by so many marketers who use Pimcore not only for managing web content, but also for database publishing and web-to-print.

Pimcore provides the open source platform to manage any digital information and assets for any channel and device in an easy and integrated manner using your existing staff and skills, eliminating duplicate work for managing multiple channels.


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Improve ROI

100% designed for interoperability, Pimcore Experience Manager integrates content and commerce enabling the creation of awesome digital experiences for B2C and B2B environments. This dramatically reduces the need and time for complex integrations and lowers the IT costs. Pimcore has a single user interface for PIM/MDM, DAM, CMS and eCommerce. This allows for business process reengineering and improves productivity. The user-friendly interface reduces the amount of training needed.

Pimcore is the only open-source and free experience management platform available. Powered by the latest technology, running on the worlds’ most popular certified technology stack on-premise or in the cloud, it’s a flexible platform that is highly scalable and secure. Pimcore is easy to deploy, manage, integrate, and secure with enterprise-class capabilities designed for supporting even the most demanding organizations. Our optional service level agreements (SLA) with a global 24/7 guarantee and a 15-minute reaction time ensure minimum downtime and quick resolution of all issues. You own the IP and do not have to pay license or subscription costs.


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