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Pimcore is an open source and web-based software platform for managing data and user experiences, making digital agencies & systems integrators work more productively.

Used more than 80.000 times in 56 countries and available in 20 languages

Pimcore is the only platform that combines PIM/MDM (Product Information Management and Master Data Management), CMS (Web Content Management), DAM (Digital Asset Management) and eCommerce functionalities out-of-the-box. With a boosted time-to-market, superior quality, and an open source licensing model. Solve your clients digital transformation challenges and give Pimcore a try.

We help digital agencies to work faster and more effective by consolidating key applications, eliminating the need for complex integrations, raising the product quality and providing an awesome ROI.

Pimcore has been built as a framework for satisfying even the most demanding developers and agencies. They just love to develop with Pimcore. Based on the leading and most-up-to-date technology stack of PHP/Symfony, MySQL, Elastic Search, Mongo DB and Varnish, developers can realize demanding web applications and websites within a fraction of time. Believe us, give Pimcore a try and own the digital world.

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Arvato Systems, system integrator which supports major companies through digital transformation
"This free open source product gives us the possibility to create custom-fit offers with a very attractive pricing."
Digital marketing and advertising agency, specialized in comprehensive brand, user experience, and technology strategy
"Comically grateful that our agency uses Pimcore. As a dev, I was just about ready to jump out of a window dealing with all the ACF nonsense that I'm forced to deal with when working with Wordpress, not to mention the nightmare that is Drupal. Mad props for making a CMS that is easy to use, easy to spin up, and easy to interface with."
Lightning Jar is a USA based agency with offices in both New York and San Antonio
"Pimcore excites content managers and developers at the same time. It is easier to use than any other data management tool."

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