NEWS: Long-time Pimcore user becomes silver partner

Pimcore has many, many users all around the world – and the people who become extremely skilled and well-versed have the privilege of becoming a Pimcore partner. When becoming a partner, they have exclusive access to specialized (and highly sought after) aspects of our product, access to product training sessions from our Pimcore engineers, and receive invitations to all Pimcore events such as webinars and annual partner gatherings.

Most recently, Active Publishing, a France based web-to-print organization, has become a Pimcore silver partner. Active Publishing has been using Pimcore for 3 years, and first came across our product when they were searching for a solution that was user-friendly, operational, and that would enable them to get work done fast. They ultimately chose Pimcore because of our open-source PIM and our strong reputation in the market.

Having now completed 9 Pimcore projects, we have now proudly onboarded them as our newest silver partner. Their projects are very versatile and include PIM, e-Commerce, and Multi-Channel Publishing. In the future, we will look forward to promoting these case studies through our case study webpage.

Active Publishing’s founder, Franck Ollivier, has been contributing to the Pimcore community long before he became an official partner. He previously contributed to our blog page as a guest blog contributor and provided us with a video to showcase his Pimcore work.

As a result of their consistent Pimcore success, we are proud to announce that they are officially a Pimcore silver partner. With their success only increasing, we suspect that they are well on their way to becoming a gold partner.

If you would like to become a Pimcore partner, please visit our partner application page.

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