Monsoon Consulting: First partner in Ireland

Pimcore is spreading to Ireland. We welcome our first partner. Monsoon consulting is Ireland’s only accredited Commerce and Content Digital Development Agency.

Monsoon specialize in B2B eCommerce projects. Their team is made up of 38 digital specialists who work in a collaborative way to deliver best in class B2B and B2C digital platforms for their clients. Their Magento and Drupal expertise made it very easy for them to get started with the Pimcore platform, as Pimcore is also a PHP-based application.

Monsoon Consulting plan, design, build and support commercial, scalable and beautifully engaging enterprise eCommerce and content platforms that are helping businesses to meet the digital experience expectations of their customers. They specialize in Magento Commerce, Drupal, and Pimcore and as a result, they have a deep and extensive knowledge of these platforms. This focus has helped them to achieve truly amazing results for their clients such as Brymec, Pallas Foods, and Uniphar.

"PIM is becoming a more and more important topic for enterprises in Ireland. In eCommerce projects, we always need to integrate data streams. Pimcore centralizes and harmonizes all product data in one, elegant, consumer-friendly system. Our clients like it a lot because it is not only user-friendly but also the first digital platform for enterprises without software cost. By becoming a partner we are making a clear commitment towards this innovative and successful product." - Stephen Kenealy, Co-Founder of Monsoon Consulting

"Monsoon Consulting deliver best in class B2B and B2C digital platforms for their clients. They are regarded as one of the most trusted full-service digital agencies in their sector. We're proud to partner with this laser-sharp team!" - Dietmar Rietsch, CEO of Pimcore

We welcome Monsoon Consulting as our partners and are looking forward to an enduring partnership!

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