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John Peck is a marketing executive in Silicon Valley, California and has been marketing high-tech graphic arts and design systems for over 25 years. His primary emphasis has been on customer adoption and testimonial. His goal has been bridging the need for visual clarity and thoughtful, intelligent design. He is a popular speaker and presenter of cutting-edge technology. As an early employee of Adobe Systems, he helped introduce Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat to revolutionize the printing, publishing, and design world.  In addition to being a marketing executive, John is also a professional artist.

Having worked in marketing for decades, I’ve experienced marketing processes that often take way too long for developers and technical teams to execute.  I’ve always longed for a solution that would allow our marketing team to execute on these processes independently.

As marketers, one of our major responsibilities has been providing and maintaining content for the company’s website.  We often need to meet stringent deadlines for website launches. These deadlines directly impact the sales team as well as our customer base.  Waiting for an internal technical team to implement new content can be time consuming and lead to missed deadlines.  A user-friendly content management solution would be very useful- especially one that allows us to easily update content. Becoming self-sufficient and being able to meet deadlines without relying on external teams would be an ideal situation.

Thinking back to my early days, we could surely have utilized such a tool is during the campaign management process –especially when my teams needed to create a landing page.  In my years at Adobe Systems, our web development team needed to create landing pages that often took a great deal of time and limited the pace of company campaigns.  It would have been very useful to have a solution that allowed marketers to do it all themselves.

I’m pleased to have found out about Pimcore- a technology that could allow us to achieve all of this quickly and easily.  I’m glad to share this insight with my entire marketing network, as I believe the tool will help everyone be more productive.

To learn more about how Pimcore can help your marketing team, please visit: Pimcore for Marketing Management

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