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Why is it important to innovate? What would that possibly help you accomplish? How can it drive your business objectives? Understanding why you need to solve a problem is as important as solving the problem itself. Unfortunately, growing organizational complexity and thriving digital communications has added multiple layers of delay to understanding such basic requirements. Agile organizations that prioritize timely and quality decision making are better positioned to rapidly shifting market scenarios.

Pimcore Business Consulting enables you to see past the clutter of data and improve the speed and quality of decisions. Are you on the fence about transforming your business, but unable to navigate the complex maze of possibilities to clearly define your objectives? Our dedicated experts will work alongside you to develop solutions that empower your organization to set the pace for disruption.

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Design Thinking Workshop

Every Business Problem can have several solutions, but not all of them are right for achieving your goals. As such, a clear understanding of the gap or deviation between current state and desired objective is imperative for finding the right solution. A well-defined problem is easier to solve, as it often contains an obvious and straightforward solution within it. Our Design Thinking Workshop enables you to enhance your understanding of a specific problem and provides the complete solution for it. Here’s how it works:

  1. Empathize – who are you solving the problem for?
  2. Define – what their needs are?
  3. Ideate – what is the high level solution that can meet those needs?
  4. Prototype – how would the solution look like?
  5. Test – why your work matters?

Business Process Optimization & Simplification

Redesign and plan business processes to eliminate redundancies, reduce cycle time and increase efficiency. Unlock the potential of your company’s workforce by deploying the right tools and strategies. Remodel your business for excellence with Pimcore.

We help you develop a strategic framework that enables you to address complexity at a pace best suitable for your business. Indentifying the process that will create maximum business impact and minimum disruption is crucial while optimizing and simplifying your organization. Our experts help you navigate all such pitfalls easily. Make simplicity your core capability to achieve excellence.

Data Management using PIM & DAM

By 2020, digital universe will contain nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in the universe. In the age of data, how well you manage your data and digital assets will determine how far you go. Effectively managing Information Lifecycle needs of the organization plays an important role in creating differentiation.  

Pimcore enables you to manage your organization’s data efficiently thereby minimizing potential for errors and giving you the ability to predict customer needs and issues in advance. From data creation and initial storage to the final step where it’s finally deleted, we help you craft a Data Management strategy in line with your organizational goals.

Pimcore PIM

  • Simplify data management across multiple workloads
  • Improve the quality of data to deliver reliable insights
  • Escape silos and scattered data

Pimcore DAM

  • Reduce administration, storage, development and server costs

  • Enhance agility and speed by removing redundancies 
  • Ensure easy and consistent curation and meta-data management of digital assets

User Experience Management using CMS & eCommerce

Delighting with digital is a key component of customer experience management geared towards enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, amidst evolving expectations and changing technology, it’s hard for organizations to continuously deliver exceptional experiences.

Pimcore can help you manage Customer Experiences to meet the demands of personalization across every touch point. Pimcore’s content management functionalities seamlessly integrate with the Pimcore E-Commerce-Framework. It is the only open-source experience management platform bridging content and commerce.

Pimcore CMS

  • Deliver Personalized Experiences across all touch points

  • Leverage multi-lingual content management capabilities
  • Create consistent experiences with multi-site management

Pimcore eCommerce

  • Integrate content management & e-commerce to create amazing buying experiences

  • Use the integrated digital marketing capabilities to create exceptional solutions with boosted conversion rates
  • Combine amazing multi-device shopping frontends with rich and centrally managed product data

Proactive, rather than Reactive

Pimcore has been appraised at Level 5 of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).

In our continued effort to deliver best-in-class services, it is our goal to go beyond the defined level of maturity and create processes that foster excellence.   

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