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Version: 2023.3

Formatting Service

Pimcore ships a service for international formatting of numbers, currencies and date time. The service is basically a factory and wrapper of the IntlDateFormatter component of php.

Usage Example

$service = \Pimcore::getContainer()->get(Pimcore\Localization\IntlFormatter::class);

//optionally set locale (otherwise it is resolved from the request)

echo $service->formatDateTime($time, IntlFormatter::DATETIME_MEDIUM);
echo $service->formatNumber("45632325.32");
echo $service->formatCurrency("45632325.32", "EUR");

//for formatting currencies you can also define a pattern
echo $service->formatCurrency("45632325.32", "EUR", "#,##0.00 ¤¤");

Overwriting Definition

You can overwrite the default service definition with your own, e.g. to overwrite the default currency patterns.

# Formatting service for dates, times and numbers
- [setCurrencyFormat, ['en', '¤ #,##0.0']]
- [setCurrencyFormat, ['de', '#,##0.00 ¤¤']]