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Learn Pimcore to build the next awesome thing for your company, grow your career, and contribute your innovative idea to the open-source movement. We bring you an exciting opportunity to learn the way you like. It is easy and simply fun. 

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The training platform Pimcore Academy offers on-demand video courses about many Pimcore topics and is designed to help you acquire the skills you need to leverage your Pimcore experience. No matter if you are a developer or sales representative. Learn at your own pace in more than 42 courses, 85 chapters, 20+ hours of videos, and 120 exam questions. The courses include code samples, tutorials, and links to further information. An active subscription for EUR 299 per year and user (limited offer, ex VAT) ensures full access to the latest content about new features and advanced topics. 

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Our Certificates for Developers



Pimcore Junior Developer

This course provides a basic introduction into Pimcore and its ecosystem, getting started, working with data elements, basic administration. After finishing this training session you will be familiar with the concepts of Pimcore, know where to find what, be able to get started and create your own simple solutions. 

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Pimcore Senior Developer

In this course you will get a deeper insight into Pimcore and its features as well as further topics like extending Pimcore with bundles, workflows, deployment, hosting. In addition, an extensive introduction into the E-Commerce Framework is provided. Expand your Pimcore knowledge and earn a 'Pimcore Developer Senior' certificate!

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Pimcore Enterprise Developer

This course will teach you about all Enterprise Extensions which are included in Pimcore's Enterprise Subscription. Learn how to configure the Experience Portals, the Productsup integration, Adobe/Microsoft CI Hub integration, Simple REST API and much more! 

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How To Get Started

❶ Activate Subscription
Log in and quickly check out via PayPal and credit card. Or contact us via the form below for bulk orders. Gold and strategic partners get 10% discount. Receive an additional bulk discount of 10% by purchasing 10 or more accounts.
❷ Choose Certificate and Start Learning
Each student needs a personal user account for Pimcore Academy because all exam submissions and all certificates are personalized. Log in to your account and access the full course material with a valid and active subscription.
❸ Get Certified and Stand Out from the Crowd
After completing the required courses and passing the exams, up to 4 certificates can be retrieved. Earn globally-recognized certification and make your experience count.

Pimcore Consultant - Boost Your Sales Performance!



Our latest course is designed for sales representatives, business developers and consultants. It provides more profound knowledge of the Pimcore Platform™ and its products from a sales perspective and gives you great insights into selling Pimcore to your customers more efficiently. To start, Industry specific knowledge is a benefit, but not mandatory. 

Reward yourself with an official certificate and display your badge on your website and marketing material.

Learn How To Sell Pimcore 

Questions & Answers 


For whom is it made?
We offer courses and certificates for developers, consultants, sales representatives, and business developers.
How can I earn a certificate? How long does it take?
Easy - select your certificate of choice and go through the provided courses. Once passed, you need to go through a final multiple-choice test. The length of the videos for each certificate is about 8 hours without the practice examples. In our experience, each of the certificates take 1 - 2 days to complete successfully. 
Which skills should I bring with me?
Requirements for the developer courses are profound knowledge of object orientated web development with PHP 7+, based on the MVC (model view controller) pattern, good knowledge of Symfony PHP Framework 3.4+ and basic knowledge of MySQL/MariaDB. For the Pimcore Consultant, industry specific knowledge is a benefit, but not mandatory. 
How many different certificates can I obtain with a valid Pimcore Academy Subscription?
As many as you like. Currently, 4 certificates are available.
How long is my certification valid?
It’s valid for one year.
I am not sure, if this is the right thing. Can I have a sneak preview?
Of course. Register in the Pimcore Academy and explore selected courses for free.

Pricing & Subscription

How much does the Pimcore Academy Subscription cost?
The subscription costs only EUR 299 per/ user per year. That’s it! No extra fees for the exam or the certificate!
Can I renew my certification? How much does it cost?
Sure! Just go through the new and updated courses and pass a final multiple-choice test. To do so, you need a valid Pimcore Academy Subscription which is EUR 299 / year.
How long is my Pimcore Academy Subscription valid?
It’s valid for one year.
Does the subscription renew automatically?
No. But to keep your existing certification valid, you need an active Pimcore Academy Subscription
What do I need to do, to renew my certificate?
There are many new features to learn, so there are new exams to complete to renew the certification. The subscription can be extended either by entering a voucher code (which you can order from us via email) or via PayPal / credit card directly in the personal account at We only grant discounts for orders via email.
Do you offer bulk discounts? Where can I place it?
Yes, 10% by purchasing 10 or more subscriptions. Contact us via the form below.
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