Pimcore Leadership

Welcome to the Leadership section of Pimcore, a company that is pioneering the transformation of data and experience management. With over 110,000 esteemed clients spanning across the globe, Pimcore proudly stands as a beacon of innovation, as the leading open-source platform in data and experience management.

Guiding our path towards industry leadership is a team of seasoned executives, passionate about empowering businesses to harness the power of data. These executives craft the strategy and vision that drive not only our company but also our expansive, global Pimcore ecosystem. Our team embodies the core values of Passion, Trust, Respect, and the "Think Different" ethos. These principles are the heartbeat of our culture and guide us as we consistently strive for excellence.

Our overarching vision, "to make data and experience management available to anyone," underscores our commitment to democratize the digital landscape. At Pimcore, we are ceaselessly working towards this vision, nurturing a world where data and experiences are leveraged to create maximum impact. Dive in, meet our leaders, and learn how they are redefining the boundaries of data and experience management. Welcome to the Pimcore Leadership journey!

Dietmar Rietsch
Managing Director

Dr. Matthias Blauth
Managing Director

Sebastian Scheel
Managing Director

Riccardo Arz
Vice President Finance

Christian Fasching
Vice President Product

Stefan Gruber
Vice President Sales

Philipp Krueger
Vice President Marketing & Consulting

Bernhard Rusch
Vice President Technology

Bernd Dultinger
Head of Channels & Alliances

Herbert Roth
Head of Development & Product

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