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How can our software connect to Pimcore? Which services can be connected?
Pimcore can interface with any external software. Interfaces can be built quickly and easily to any software of service, because for each data component a native PHP and REST API is available. Pimcore is used by agencies and systems integrators worldwide to create customer specific individual software solutions. Connectors are built exactly matching the data models and underlying business processes.
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Do you have an existing connector for Magento / Shopware / Shopify or others?
Pimcore can easily integrate with any other third party software. An API-driven, service-oriented architecture make it possible to build interfaces to other systems quickly and easily. Additionally, the Pimcore extension marketplace offers a handful of connectors, curated by our partner network. However, in most cases building connectors from scratch using the native APIs is just as efficient.
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What is the best practice to start with Pimcore for building a PIM for an online shop?
The first thing to keep in mind is which system will manage the master data. If there is an existing ERP system in place Pimcore is typically connected to this ERP system with a bi-directional interface. In Pimcore, the ERP data gets enriched with images, categories, attributes, etc. The data model and workflows in Pimcore are built according to the needs of the company, which will be working with this data. In the last step the online shop is connected and interfaces to BI systems, CRM, and external marketplaces are created.
How can I set up product feeds from Pimcore to Amazon / Google Shopping / Facebook / eBay?
We are currently working on a generic solution, the "Pimcore marketplace connector" which will be released when its done. Until then all product feeds can be built quickly with the Pimcore PHP API and the Pimcore REST API.
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Can you explain to me in which way a PIM works together with Magento?
A PIM is used to consolidate and centrally manage your product data. You can enrich it with additional information such as accessories, attributes, classification, hierarchies, localization and with media assets and videos as well. Magento can access and retrieve this data via an interface and display it in your online shop.
Which product information can be stored in Pimcore PIM?
Almost any information related to a product and more can be stored in a PIM. Data Objects are the PIM part of Pimcore and are the way to go for managing structured data. Based on a class definition that defines structure and attributes, objects can be used for managing pretty much any structured data – products, categories, customers, news, orders, blog entries ....
What specific datatypes can Pimcore support?
Pimcore provides more than 50 datatypes to cater specific needs of a product information.
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How does a business know it needs a Product Information Management System?
With data spread across multiple repositories, there can be multiple issues like inaccurate or contradictory product information, multiple repositories for the same information and mistakes that cause delays or sometimes inaccurate data reaching the end customer. Whenever a business has product information spread among several different repositories throughout an organization, it can very well be in need of a PIM.
Is there any limit of products or SKU addition in Pimcore?
You can create, manage and store as many products as you like in Pimcore, provided you have enough storage allotted in your database and are using a powerful, well-configured server cluster or cloud infrastructure. The Pimcore application scales very well and some of our customers are managing 100+ million product data records in a single Pimcore instance.
Case study: 7 million products
Can we integrate external DAM system such as Celum or Cumulus?
Yes, this is possible via REST API and native PHP API with little effort.
Can the software import media files from a local folder to the server, or from a network share?
Absolutely, Pimcore can import single or multiple asset files either in manual one-time or recurring cron jobs with its powerful APIs.
Are transformed asset files stored inside a human-readable folder structure on the server? Can we access these files without the aid of the DAM software?
Yes, all files are stored on the server in the same folder structure which was defined in the DAM system. All assets can be accessed without the need to log into the system. Direct URLs for the assets may be created and shared, along with a collection of assets which might be placed in separate folders.
Can we connect and integrate Pimcore with our CMS Drupal, Wordpress, Sitecore, or Adobe Experience Cloud?
Yes, you can use Pimcore as your product, image and video library and directly display certain products and assets on our website for public viewing and download. Pimcore is extremely flexible and its APIs can be used to integrate with any CMS system. The REST, or GraphQL APIs and JSON/XML files can be utilized to push data to your systems for consumption.

Customer Experience Management, CMS, eCommerce

Why should I use Pimcore eCommerce instead of Magento, Shopware or Shopify?
Standard shop software offer various features that can be configured. Often they are not a good fit for ambitious projects. If your business model is not standardized, a standardized shop software will not be the best solution for you. Instead of an out-of-the-box shop software, ambitious projects need a framework, which optimizes the developer's productivity. In addition to eCommerce, Pimcore has PIM, CMS and DAM integrated. You do not have to connect 4 systems with interfaces. This saves you a lot of time and money in delivering your projects.
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Can Pimcore easily integrate with ActiveCampaign / Mailchimp / Sendgrid?
Use the Pimcore Customer Data Framework to create marketing automation applications easily. Sample integrations to Mailchimp and IBM Marketing Cloud are provided in the free download package.
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Can we create multilingual websites?
Yes, Pimcore provides multilingual support for CMS, Ecommerce and PIM.
Which output will we get in your web-to-print solution?
The 2 possible outputs are creating a PDF with the integrated PDF renderer PDFReactor or an integration with InDesign Server to edit the files in Adobe InDesign.
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eCommerce Framework: Can I define rules for discounts? Can I define product bundles?
Yes. And much more than that. The Pimcore eCommerce framework covers any eCommerce use case.
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Can Pimcore handle RTL (right-to-left) content like Arabic?
Yes, RTL is fully possible. We have many customers in the Arabic / MENA region, including Al Shaya. Click at the link to see an example RTL Pimcore website.
Zell am See Website (Arabic)

Pricing and Services

Do you have an enterprise support Plan? Do you offer enterprise level solutions? How about an SLA agreement?
Yes, we offer Enterprise Support and Service Level Agreements - 24/7 with 15 minutes reaction time.
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How is your pricing policy? How do you earn money? How does your business model work?
Our product - the Pimcore Platform - is 100% free of charge and will always stay free. You not have to pay any license fees for using the product. Our business model is based on optional paid services around the product such as consulting, implementation, training, and support.
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How is your licensing policy? Is there any license cost at the enterprise level?
Pimcore is 100% open source and there is no license cost at all for enterprises. This means Pimcore can be used free of charge by both individuals and enterprises with the so-called GNU General Public License (GPLv3). Alternatively, we also offer an Enterprise License (PEL).
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