We put our knowledge and experience with PIM/MDM, DAM, customer experience management and eCommerce into short guides. These are meant to help you understand complex issues and make a decision. Download one of our free whitepapers now!

A Guide to Better Product Information Management

This whitepaper discusses how a PIM platform is key to streamline product information, improve experience, and increase sales by balancing the dynamics of omnichannel experience.

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How to Build a Data Quality Roadmap for Your PIM Application

PIM tools are often implemented without even getting the complete idea of how they will actually help. This whitepaper provides 6 simple steps to help you build a data quality roadmap for your PIM system.

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How to Craft the Omni-Channel Future?

This whitepaper discusses the importance of omni-channel experience and the role of data management in it for customer success.

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