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A Guide to Better Product Information Management

This whitepaper discusses how a PIM platform is key to streamline product information, improve experience, and increase sales by balancing the dynamics of omnichannel experience.

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Leitfaden zur Umsetzung eines erfolgreichen PIM-Projekts 

PIM tools are often implemented without thinking twice how they will truly help. This paper provides 6 simple steps to help you build a data quality roadmap for your PIM system.

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How to Craft the Omni-Channel Future?

Omni-channel commerce is the reality now. This whitepaper discusses the importance of omni-channel experience and the role of data management in it for customer success.

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Why Open Source Matters in eCommerce

This whitepaper sheds lights on how open-source technology has become a force to reckon with when it comes to enterprise eCommerce.

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8 PIM-MDM Challenges You Can’t Ignore!

Read this whitepaper, as it factors in some critical issues during PIM-MDM implementation and how to iron them out to suit the enterprise purpose.

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Experience Driven Commerce

Digital commerce, driven by experience, is the next big thing. Read this whitepaper to know how experience driven commerce can help you carve an unfailing conversion strategy.

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Using PIM for the Next Era of Consumer-Product Interaction

How to steadily revitalize your PIM strategy to build a better product experience and unlock unforeseen business values in the future-run? This whitepaper provides a good overview.

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An Executive's Guide to a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

This whitepaper dwells on how the realm and remit of web content management are continuously expanding, to metamorphose into the present day digital experience platform.

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The Rise of the Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs)

Read this whitepaper, created by Pimcore and “The Group of Analysts”, to know how DXP can cover core information supply chains of enterprises by integrating their key processes, leading to a more goal-driven business.

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Reimagine Your Digital Commerce With a Headless Architecture

This whitepaper discusses why CIOs, CTOs, or technical professionals responsible for improving digital commerce experience should consider the headless architecture option.

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Leitfaden für ein perfektes PIM-Projekt 


Wie sieht eine ideale PIM-Implementierung aus? Womit sollte ein PIM-Anbieter bei einem PIM-Projekt idealerweise beginnen? Dieses Whitepaper führt Sie in 7 Schritten zur erfolgreichen Umsetzung Ihres PIM-Projekts.

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B2B Retailers Manual for Resilient Selling with PIM

Manufacturers experiencing a discernible shift in the way they conduct their business, are waking up to the advantages of having a PIM system to navigate through the pandemic. This whitepaper takes a closer look.

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Rising New Challenges and Trends in the CPG Industry

Today, the CPG industry can no longer solely rely on typical offline approaches. This whitepaper discusses key challenges and trends in the CPG industry.

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PIM & Product Content Syndication for Retail

This pocket guide discusses why CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, and technical professionals choose the automated option for product content syndication in the omnichannel world.

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Product Catalog Management for the Retail Industry

This whitepaper shows you five ways in which a PIM system can be instrumental in creating excellent product catalogs, and put you on the path to success. 

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How DAM Helps Maintain Brand Loyalty

How satisfied are your customers with the brand? Download this whitepaper to know the role of a DAM solution in enhancing brand loyalty and overall brand health.

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Enterprise Scale Customer Data Management

As product experiences take the centerstage PIM turns into the go-to platform for brands wanting to sell their products on marketplaces effectively and effortlessly.

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A Complete Guide to Supplier Relationship Management

Enterprises wanting to sidestep unforeseen market disruptions, adapt to evolving scenarios, and meet their strategic objectives—must start looking at SRM as a means to build mutual synergies with suppliers.

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Propel Retail Business Growth with Right Data Management Strategy

Retailers face a myriad of problems with rising new trends. They must understand customer anticipations with a data-driven approach to navigate through turbulent times and drive business growth.

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How an Integrated PIM and DAM System Improve Product Experience

The convergence of product data and digital assets is transforming the product experience. Organizations must understand the effectiveness of an integrated PIM and DAM system for better business outcomes.

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Modernizing Customer Engagement Capabilities with Headless DXP

This whitepaper discusses how a headless digital experience platform (DXP) can help businesses modernize their customer engagement capabilities and stay competitive in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

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Product Content Lifecycle Optimization

Enterprises attempting to manage and optimize their product content lifecycle acknowledge PIM’s relevance as a facilitator of PCL. This Whitepaper demonstrates why PIM is a perfect ally in PCL’s success.

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Guide to PIM Data Modeling in 2023

Enterprises trying to perfect their PIM data models must not only keep their business’s present and future requirements in mind, but also see where they stand in today’s composable data environment.

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