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Pimcore Platform

One platform for any digital data and customer experience

The Pimcore Platform™ is the only enterprise open-source software for managing any digital data and customer experiences for any channel and device. Acclaimed by analysts from Gartner and Forrester, the Pimcore Platform™ is the digital powerhouse for more than 82.000 companies in 56 countries.

One Platform for a Better Customer Experience

Pimcore enables you to manage product information, digital assets, digital commerce, and web content in a consolidated setup, thus empowering you with a single ‘trusted view’ of information to deliver engaging experience across the entire customer journey.

It is hyperconnected and integrates with any external software or infrastructure to manage any data and streamline any process—fast and efficiently!

A Single Source of Truth for Engaging Experience

Pimcore seamlessly consolidates four products– PIM/MDM, DAM, CMS/UX, and eCommerce - in its open source software platform. Built-in data integration functionalities consolidate any type and amount of digital information – solving enterprise data issues such as scattered, siloed, and messy data. A seamless combination of data management and customer experience management enables operational efficiency, a superior time-to-market, and unmatched connectivity to any external software.

100% API Driven for Speed and Agility

Integrate data, content, and services to create true 1:1 personalized experience for each customer. Pimcore is the most flexible digital experience platform for improving operational excellence and developing closer customer relationships. You can build consistent, contextual, and high converting digital experiences and further innovate on them at hyper speed. Its flexible, event-driven application architecture supports scaling and extension when needed, forming an agile digital technology ecosystem.

Headless Flexibility for Freedom of Choice

Improve customer experience with Pimcore’s API-based "headless" architecture. Manage and publish content data in a structured, neutral format without layout to save time and effort on delivering the right content on the right channel. Pimcore is compatible with the query language GraphQL, providing easier connectivity with Content-as-a-Service (CAAS) frontends such as React, Vue, and PWAs. It also offers headless commerce platform to build B2B eCommerce applications in an agile manner.

Applied AI/ML for Automation

Create innovative digital experiences without spending huge IT costs. Our open source digital experience platform enables the use of machine learning (ML) image detection, digital assistants, and other intelligent technologies to automate processes and improve omni-channel engagement. Especially in the DAM product, you can leverage VR/360° previews, facial recognition, focal points in images for creating innovative campaigns with behavioral targeting/personalization and intelligently automating marketing campaigns.

Pimcore Open Source Products

Product Information Management
Centralize and harmonize all your marketing, sales, and technical product information.
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Master Data Management
Manage every aspect of each master record (products, vendors, customers, etc.)
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Digital Asset Management
Centralize all your media assets, including images, graphics, docs, videos, audio files and more.
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Customer Data Platform
Store and manage master data records of your customers for personalization.
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Web Content Management
A modular, integrated set of technologies for delivering digital experiences to wider audiences.
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Digital Commerce Platform
Build outstanding B2B and B2C eCommerce customer experiences to solve omni-channel challenges.
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“Pimcore's ecosystem approach helps companies consolidate product and digital assets to achieve user experience goals across commerce, website and mobile experiences.”
Gartner, Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce
Christina Klock, Research Director

Open Source DXP Benefits

Rapid Innovation
Pimcore helps businesses in creating and delivering engaging digital experience across all touchpoints in real time, regardless of channel or device. Its single interface eliminates re-work, increases the efficiency of processes throughout the company, and bridges gaps between data silos, media, and systems for superior consistency.
Pimcore’s extensive, stable and comprehensive APIs, based on open standards, enable flexible integrations with IT systems such as ERPs or marketing applications. Business users benefit from Pimcore's extensive features set with minimal IT dependency to accelerate roll-outs and shorten time-to-market with minimum deployment risks.
No License Cost
And best of all, the Pimcore platform is available free of charge for enterprises through an open-source software license. This makes it a perfect alternative to commercial enterprise data management and experience management solutions. Moreover, you aren’t limited to buying software from one massive vendor. You own the IP.

Omni-Channel Retailing

Customers want superior services, relevant information and great products on their own terms – regardless of the channel, device and time.

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Boost Operational Excellence

Expectations of manufacturers have increased enormously. Digitalization with smarter data management is reshaping the manufacturing industry to consolidate scattered data and improve product experience.

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Drive Digitalization

Distributors face a multitude of challenges concerning their product data. They have to meet the heightened expectations of both the buyer and the supplier.

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Improve Travel Experience

Consistent and excellent product data is key to travel. Finally, it’s about accommodations, flights, packages, tickets and events and how this whole itinerary fits together, also in terms of data.

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