Pimcore Community Edition

We Love Open Source

The legacy of the Pimcore Platform™ is powered by the core idea and vision of Open Source. Pimcore has been available free of charge and Open Source since the beginning of the development in 2010 and it will follow the same ideology in the future for further innovation. For us, Open Source is more than just a license or a way to release software, it’s a community, it’s a roadmap, and it’s the collaboration of developers and Pimcore lovers. It’s the Pimcore ecosystem, made up of more than 120 partners, 1 000s of Pimcore developers, more than 250 code contributors, and the Pimcore enthusiasts and users that love to work with the platform. So, it’s about people showing love for our platform. We believe Open Source is the best way forward to give back to the community.

Free forever and fully Open Source since 2010
Loved by 1 000s of companies and enthusiasts
Supported by more than 250 active contributors
Implemented by more than 120 partner agencies

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Pimcore Licensing

The Pimcore Platform™ is a dual-licensed software application that is powered by the Open Source GPLv3 license and the enterprise-friendly Pimcore Commercial License (PCL). Pimcore is available free of charge as the Open Source Pimcore Community Edition or as the Pimcore Enterprise Subscription. Depending on your licensing needs, you can choose the right variant of Pimcore.

Pimcore Enterprise Subscription
Cloud Images

With the help of our technology partner Bitnami, you can instantly deploy and try Pimcore in your favorite environment. Either via Docker or in the cloud. Just use our readily prepared images.