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Processing Settings

There are a couple of processing settings that allow fine-tuning the import process.

Execution Type

There are two types of processing - sequential and parallel - which are configured in the import configuration. For details see Import Execution Details.

Archive File Import

Define if the importer should archive the imported file for later traceability. When activated, the importer will create an application logger entry with the imported file as file object attached.

Be aware of needed disk space for archiving the data and that the importer creates a log entry of every single data row in application logger anyway. For details also see Import Process and Logging.

Delta Check

This option requires an id field in the import data.

With active delta check, the importer checks if imported data has changed since last import and imports data only if updates are available. This might speed-up import because only updated data object will be processed and saved.

The delta check is based on hashes and compares the import data only. It does not consider any other changes of the data object if self, that might occur in the meantime between two imports.

Be aware that calculating and saving hashes for delta checking needs additional resources. So use this option wisely.


This option requires an id field in the import data.

The importer can cleanup in Pimcore existing data objects if they are not part of the current import data anymore. There are two cleanup strategies available:

  • Unpublish: Unpublish data object to be cleaned up.
  • Delete: Delete data object to be cleaned up.

Only activate this option, if the imports are always full-imports. Otherwise there might be data loss.

For details see also Import Execution Details.