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Pimcore Documentation

Welcome to Pimcore's documentation. The documentation is split up into two sections:

Additional resources for getting started with Pimcore are also our

  • Pimcore Demo Application: See Pimcore in action and also use it as a blue print application for your own implementations.
  • Pimcore Academy: The training platform Pimcore Academy offers on-demand video courses about many Pimcore topics.

Also check out our Pimcore Extensions


Pimcore Data-Hub is Pimcore's data delivery & consumption platform. It integrates different input & output channel technologies into a simple & easy-to-configure system on top of Pimcore.

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Customer Management Framework

The Customer Management Framework (CMF) for Pimcore adds additional functionality for customer data management, segmentation, personalization and marketing automation. So it allows to aggregate customer data and user profiles, enrich data, link social profiles, build audience segments, trigger events, personalize experience, execute marketing automation and much more.

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Advanced Object Search

Provides advanced object search in Pimcore backend powered by Elasticsearch v6.

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