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Version: 2023.3

Index Service

The Index Service (in combination with the Filter Service) provides functionality for indexing, listing, filtering and searching products.

In the heart of this component is the Product Index - an optimized storage of product data for all kinds of queries. Depending on the implementation, the Product Index is stored in a special mysql table, in elasticsearch or any other search provider (currently implemented are fact finder and findologic). These implementations can be configured in Assortment Tenants. The default tenant always uses DefaultMysql as implementation.

The separate Product Index has several advantages:

  • It is completely independent from the Pimcore object structure, only contains needed information and can pre-calculate complex data.
  • It can be optimized without any side effects on Pimcore for requirements considering filtering, listing and searching products.
  • It supports assortment tenants and therefore allows optimized indices for multiple assortments within one system.

Based on the Product Index the Product List provides a one stop API for accessing data and listing products.

See the following topics for details: