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Version: 2024.2

List Views

The CMF provides two additional views for visualizing the data in Pimcore backend UI.

Customer View

The customer view is a list view of customers with additional filter and export functionality and few configuration possibilities. It can be opened via the main menu in Pimcore backend UI and lists all customers that are matching the filter criteria independently of their location in the object tree. Although users will only see customers which they have the permission to access.

Customers of a CustomerSegmentCustomers of a CustomerSegmentCustomers of a CustomerSegment

There are "Customer" filters and "Segments" filters. It is possible to choose between "or" (match any) and "and" (match all) conditions. Please note that the condition between customer and segments filters is always "and".

The list can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

Configuration options

  • Search Columns: In CMF configuration it can be configured which columns should be considered during searching and filtering in the customer list. For details see the CMF configuration section.

  • Filter for Segments: The customer view also allows for filtering based on assigned segments. This can be configured based on the CustomerSegmentGroup objects by activating the Show as Filter option. The sort order of the segments can be changed by providing the Filter sort order (high to low sorting). Activate CustomerSegmentGroup FilterActivate CustomerSegmentGroup FilterActivate CustomerSegmentGroup Filter

  • Exporters: It is possible to configure exports for exporting all customers that are currently shown in the customer view. Activate CustomerSegmentGroup FilterActivate CustomerSegmentGroup FilterActivate CustomerSegmentGroup Filter

    These exports can be configured in CMF configuration by configuring name, icon, a exporter class and certain properties that need to be exported. The exporter class is a php class that defines the export format of the export. Currently there are implementations for csv and xlsx available.

    It is possible to configure multiple exporters. For details see the CMF configuration section.

In addition to the global customer view, in CustomerSegment objects edit view, an additional tab with customers that have assigned the segment is added:

Customers of a CustomerSegmentCustomers of a CustomerSegmentCustomers of a CustomerSegment

Additional filter settings will be hidden when viewing customers of a segment directly.

When selecting a customer in the list, the detail view of this customer is opened. By default this detail view is a very basic view that shows all attributes of the customer. Optionally, a custom view can be provided by overwriting the cmf.customer_view service in symfony container and overwriting the public function getDetailviewTemplate(CustomerInterface $customer) method, that returns the path to the template of the customer (by default @PimcoreCustomerManagementFramework/admin/customers/partials/detail.html.php).

In the same service, also the presentation of a customer in the customer listing can be customized. Just overwrite the public function getOverviewTemplate(CustomerInterface $customer) method and return the path to the custom template.

Advanced Filter Settings

For reuse of defined filters, it is possible to save a configured filter. The advanced filter setting are only available when accessing the customer view via the menu and will be hidden when viewing customers of a specific segment. Every user can add new filters and update their existing filters. If an user has the permission CMF Customer Filter-Admin he is also able to update all filters shared with them. For sharing filters with other users the user needs to have the permission Share configurations. User with the Share configurations permission can share their own filters or re-shared filters shared with them to other users.

Advanced filter settingsAdvanced filter settingsAdvanced filter settings

The available segments can be changed via the Edit Button in the segments area of the filters section.

Advanced filter settingsAdvanced filter settingsAdvanced filter settings

Creating new filters

All Users will have the possibility to select, save and update their defined filters by defining filter criteria for customer fields in the Customer section and select segments in the Segments section. By clicking the Save Filter button a new dialog will be opened. In this dialog the filter can also be shared with users and roles if the user has the permission Share configurations.

Save filter dialogSave filter dialogSave filter dialog

If the defined filter criteria should not be changed it is possible to lock the filter fields by setting the Read Only option. When the filter should be available directly via the menu (for the user itself and all shared users / roles) the option Shortcut Available should be set. By saving the filter it will be automatically selected in filter selection. When editing an existing filter an additional button will be available in the Save & Share Filter or Save Filter dialog to update the specific filter definition.

Sharing filters

Users can access filters shared with them either via the customers menu and by selecting the filter or directly via the menu if the Shortcut Available option was set for the filter.

Shortcut filter menuShortcut filter menuShortcut filter menu

Users can re-share their shared filters when they have the Share configurations permission by clicking the Share Filter button and providing users or roles, but they are not allowed to remove existing users or roles from the filter definition. Only users with permission CMF Customer Filter-Admin or filter owners them self will have the possibility to remove existing shares via updating the filter definition.

Sharing filtersSharing filtersSharing filters

Creating new customer object

For quickly adding new customers a button is available inside the Filters section beside the filter selection. This button is only available if the user has save permission to temporary new customer directory set in CMF configuration key pimcore_customer_management_framework -> customer_provider -> newCustomersTempDir. By clicking the New Customer button a new customer will be created (and opened) inside the defined directory. When the automatic naming scheme is enabled, the customer will be moved to the corresponding directory after clicking the save button.

New customer buttonNew customer buttonNew customer button

Activity View

The activity view provides a overview of all activities of a certain customer and is shown as additional tab in the customer object editor.

Activity ListActivity ListActivity List

For each activity also a detail page is available.

Configuration options