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Version: 2023.3


Required Bundles

This bundle depends on Pimcore Datahub bundle. This needs to be installed first.

Installation Process

For Pimcore >= 10.5

To install Pimcore Data Importer for Pimcore 10.5 or higher, follow the three steps below:

  1. Install the required dependencies:
composer require pimcore/data-importer
  1. Make sure the bundle is enabled in the config/bundles.php file. The following lines should be added:
use Pimcore\Bundle\DataImporterBundle\PimcoreDataImporterBundle;
// ...

return [
// ...
// make sure PimcoreDataHubBundle is added before to that list
// ...
PimcoreDataImporterBundle::class => ['all' => true],
// ...
  1. Install the bundle:
bin/console pimcore:bundle:install PimcoreDataImporterBundle

For Pimcore 11

You need to follow the steps mentioned above and additionally run the following command:

composer require pimcore/admin-ui-classic-bundle

For Older Versions

To install the Data Importer bundle for older versions of Pimcore, please run the following commands instead:

composer require pimcore/data-importer
bin/console pimcore:bundle:enable PimcoreDataImporterBundle
bin/console pimcore:bundle:install PimcoreDataImporterBundle

Make sure the Datahub bundle's priority is higher than the Data Importer bundle's.

This can be specified as a parameter during bundle enablement or in the Pimcore extension manager.

Bundle Configuration

Import Execution

The imports are executed asynchronously in the background. The processing can be done via executing commands on a regular basis or by utilizing symfony messenger. Either of the two needs to be configured.

Command Based

For command based importing, following commands need to be executed on regular base. The actual interval depends on use cases and system environment.

# Process import queue items that can be executed in parallel
*/5 * * * * php /home/project/www/bin/console datahub:data-importer:process-queue-parallel --processes=5
# Process import queue items that need to be executed sequentially
*/5 * * * * php /home/project/www/bin/console datahub:data-importer:process-queue-sequential

See Import Execution Details for more information about sequential and parallel execution.

Symfony Messenger Based

For symfony messenger based importing, at least following configuration needs to be done in symfony configuration:

activated: true

If activated, the processing is kicked off automatically as soon as an import is prepared.

In addition to that, following settings are available. They all have meaningful default values though:

  • worker_count_parallel: Count of maximum parallel worker messages for parallel imports.
  • worker_item_count: Count of items imported per worker message.
  • worker_count_lifetime: Lifetime of tmp store entry for current worker count entry. After lifetime, the value will be cleared.

Messages are dispatched via pimcore_data_import transport. So make sure, you have workers processing this transport when activating the messenger based queue processing.

Cron Execution

Import configuration can be setup to be executed on regular base by defining a cron definition. To make sure, the cron definitions are checked on regular base, following command needs to be executed on regular base. The actual interval depends on use cases and system environment; the shorter, the more accurate the import execution will take place.

# Check cron configurations and execute necessary import definitions
* * * * * php /home/project/www/bin/console datahub:data-importer:execute-cron