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Version: 2024.1

Upgrade Notes


  • [GraphQL] Deprecated SQL Condition.
  • [GraphQL] Added the possibility to disable deprecated SQL Condition.


  • [General] If you want to use Datahub 1.6 and Pimcore 11, please make sure to require the pimcore/admin-ui-classic-bundle.
  • [Config Location] Change default directory for configurations to var/config/data_hub
  • When using Pimcore 11, configurations from datahub-configurations.php are no longer used. To migrate those configurations to the settings store, use the provided datahub:configuration:migrate-legacy-config command.
  • Added the ability to import and export each type of Datahub configuration. Be sure to include the supported_types configuration in any custom implementation to use the import functionality!
  • Added possibility to disable the introspection for GraphQL via configuration tree.


  • When "Skip Permission Check" is active in a GraphQL configuration, the "Workspaces" settings are also skipped
  • It is possible to add more than one API key per configuration now. Therefore, the API keys get stored as an array in the configuration. Configurations from previous versions are still supported, but they get converted to the new format as soon as they get saved.
  • Added "Translation Listing" and "Translation" to the Generic Types