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Version: 2024.1

Pimcore Direct Edit Client

Pimcore Direct Edit Client is a desktop client that is necessary to allow local file edits. It is an electron application that listens to all direct edit requests and handles all client-side interactions like downloading assets data, launching the associated application, watching for changes of the file and uploading the changed asset data back to Pimcore.



To install it, download latest and run the setup:

  • Windows Installer

  • MacOS Installer (ZIP)

  • The installation process will install the client typically in the user's C:\Users\youruser\AppData\Local\Programs\pimcore-direct-edit-client\ directory.

  • A file protocol handler (pimcorefile) will be added to the Windows registry, which picks up the communication between Pimcore and the local client.


In C:\Users\<your-user>\AppData\Roaming\Pimcore File Edit Client\logs\main.log you will find a log file that may be helpful to analyse a running application.