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Version: 2024.2

Video Thumbnails

Pimcore is able to convert any video to web formats automatically. It is also possible capture a custom preview image out of the video.

IMPORTANT To use all the following functionalities it is required to install FFMPEG on the server.
For details, please have a look at Additional Tools Installation.

Explanation of the Transformations

The transfomations are adapters for the FFMPEG Filters and Options and most of the configuration is equivalent.

ORIGINAL VIDEOThis is the video which is used in the following transformationsNONE ;-)
COLOR CHANEL MIXERAdjust video input frames by re-mixing color channels-fv colorchannelmixer
SET FRAMERATEConvert the video to specified constant frame rate by duplicating or dropping frames as necessary-fv fps
CUTSet video starging and endig position-ss and -t
MUTERemove the audio stream-an

Using Video Thumbnails in your Code

Examples - Image Snapshots

$asset = Asset::getById(123);
if($asset instanceof Asset\Video) {

// get a preview image thumbnail of the video, resized to the configuration of "myThumbnail"
echo $asset->getImageThumbnail("myThumbnail");

// get a snapshot (image) out of the video at the time of 10 secs. (see second parameter) using a dynamic image thumbnail configuration
echo $asset->getImageThumbnail(["width" => 250], 10);

Examples - Video Transcoding

$asset = Asset::getById(123);
if($asset instanceof Asset\Video) {

$thumbnail = $asset->getThumbnail("myVideoThumbnail"); // returns an array
if($thumbnail["status"] == "finished") {
p_r($thumbnail["formats"]); // transcoding finished, print the paths to the different formats
"mp4" => "/Sample%20Content/Videos/123/video-thumb__123__myVideoThumbnail...mp4",
"webm" => "/Sample%20Content/Videos/123/video-thumb__123__myVideoThumbnail...webm"
} else if ($thumbnail["status"] == "inprogress") {
echo "transcoding in progress, please wait ...";
} else {
echo "transcoding failed :(";

Adaptive bitrate video-streaming

This feature allows you to generate a MPEG-DASH (.mpd) file for Adaptive bitrate video-streaming.

As soon as you define transformations based on the bitrates in thumbnail config, the .mpd file will be generated with bitrate streams. The .mpd file will be referenced in generated <video> Tag.

However, you have to include a polyfill for all major browsers to support Adaptive bitrate video-streaming:

{{ pimcore_video('campaignVideo', {
width: auto,
height: auto,
thumbnail: 'new'
}) }}

generates frontend:

<video width="100%" height="auto" controls="controls" class="pimcore_video" preload="auto" src="blob:http://xyz/01f91372-ddd8-4d3f-ac85-e420432d9704">
<source type="video/mp4" src="/videodata/955/video-thumb__955__campaignVideo/Volkswagen-Van.mp4">
<source type="application/dash+xml" src="/videodata/955/video-thumb__955__campaignVideo/Volkswagen-Van.mpd">

Using with the Video Editable

Please have a look at Video Editable.