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Version: 2024.2

How to Configure Pimcore To Use a Primary/Replica Database Connection

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that the primary/replica connection can only be used for a clustered MariaDB/MySQL environment, NOT for a primary/replica server setup! Due to the extensive multi-layered, consistent and tagged caching of Pimcore it is necessary that Pimcore always has access to the latest data in the database. Due to the asynchronous nature of the primary/replica setup, this isn't ensured for that.

Create a Project specific Database Connection Class

Create a new class at src\Db\Connection.php, with the following content:


namespace App\Db;

use Doctrine\DBAL\Connections\PrimaryReadReplicaConnection;

class Connection extends PrimaryReadReplicaConnection
* @param string|null $connectionName
public function connect($connectionName = null): bool
$returnValue = parent::connect($connectionName);

if ($returnValue) {
$this->_conn->query('SET default_storage_engine=InnoDB;');
$this->_conn->query("SET sql_mode = '';");

return $returnValue;

Configure the Primary/Replica Connection

The main database connection which you have configured for Pimcore is always the primary connection. Then you can add as many replica hosts as you like, in the following example there's just one replica host, where only the host is different (in our case replica1), all other options are reused from the primary connection.

wrapper_class: '\App\Db\Connection'
host: 'replica1'
port: 3306
dbname: dbname
user: username
password: password
charset: UTF8MB4