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Version: 2024.2

Adaptive Design Helper

The DeviceDetector helper makes it easy to implement the adaptive design approach in Pimcore.

Using It Anywhere in Your Code

use Pimcore\Tool\DeviceDetector;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response;

class TestController extends Action
public function testAction(): Response
$device = DeviceDetector::getInstance();
$device->getDevice(); // returns "phone", "tablet" or "desktop"

if($device->isDesktop() || $device->isTablet()) {
// do something

// ...

Force a Device Type

Sometimes it's necessary to force a device type. A typical use case is a "Back to Desktop Version" or vice versa link.

To do so, just add the parameter forceDeviceType to your request:


This will set the device to the specified value and Pimcore will remember this setting using a cookie (name: forceDeviceType) till the browser session ends.


The Pimcore output-cache is aware of this feature and just works as expected.

If you're using a caching proxy like Varnish you have to take the value of the cookie forceDeviceType into the hash calculation, otherwise there's just one hash for different contents of an URL (phone, tablet, desktop).