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Version: 2024.2

Input Editable


The input editable is a single line unformatted text placeholder (just as HTMLs <input> is), which is useful for text headlines, paragraphs and other values. For a multi-line alternative have a look at the textarea editable.


widthintegerWidth of the input in editmode (in pixels)
htmlspecialcharsbooleanSet to false to get the raw value without HTML special chars like & (default to true)
nowrapbooleanset to false to disable the automatic line break
classstringA CSS class that is added to the surrounding container of this element in editmode
placeholderstringA text shown in the field when it is empty to guide the user about the expected type of input.
defaultValuestringA default value for the available options.
requiredbooleanset to true to make field value required for publish


getData()stringValue of the input, this is useful to get the value even in editmode.
isEmpty()booleanWhether the editable is empty or not


Basic usage

{{ pimcore_input("myHeadline") }}

The above code generates an editable area which you can fill with the text, see: Inpute preview in the backendInpute preview in the backendInpute preview in the backend

Advanced usage

You could also specify other parameters, like the size:

{{ pimcore_input("headerLine", {"width": 540}) }}