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Version: 2024.2

Video Editable


The video editable is a powerful editable to embed videos in the content. Supported video sources are: local assets, YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Local asset videos support the automatic generation and transcoding of videos using Video Thumbnails.


allowedTypesarrayYou can limit the available types for this editable by passing the allowed types explicitly. If this option is not used, all types are available.
attributesarrayAdditional attributes for the generated <video> tag - only for type asset
editmodeImagePreviewbool(default: false) Set to true to display only an image and not the video player in editmode, this can be necessary if you have many videos on one page (performance)
heightinteger/string(default: 300) Height of the video in pixel or in percent
imagethumbnailstringName of the image-thumbnail, this thumbnail config is used to generate the preview image (poster image), if not specified Pimcore tries to get the information out of the video thumbnail. see also: Video Thumbnails
removeAttributesarrayYou can remove standard attributes using this configuration, e.g. "removeAttributes" => ["controls","poster"]
thumbnailstringName of the video-thumbnail (required when using automatic-transcoding of videos) see: Video Thumbnails
widthinteger/string(default: "100%") Width of the video in pixel or in percent
youtubearrayParameters for youtube integration. Possible parameters: - only for type youtube
classstringA CSS class that is added to the surrounding container of this element in editmode
requiredboolean(default: false) set to true to make field value required for publish


getImageThumbnail($name)(string/array) $namestring, absolute path to the thumbnailGet a specific image thumbnail of the video, or a thumbnail of the poster image (if assigned)
getPosterAsset()Pimcore\Model\AssetReturns the assigned poster image asset
getThumbnail()(string/array) $namearray, absolute paths to the different video thumbnailsGet a specific video-thumbnail of the video
getVideoAsset()-assetReturns the video asset object if assigned, otherwise null
getVideoType()-string, type of the video (asset,youtube,vimeo,url)This is to check which video type is assigned
getTitle()-stringTitle of the video
getDescription()-stringDescription of the video
getData()-arrayAll the available data on this editable
isEmpty()-boolWhether the editable is empty or not.

Output returned by getPosterAsset:

[status] => finished
[formats] => Array
[mp4] => /var/tmp/video_3414__example.mp4


Basic Usage - a Local Asset

To create a container for local video files you can just use the $this->video helper without any options.

<section id="campaign_video">
{{ pimcore_video("campaignVideo", {
width: 700,
height: 400
}) }}

In the editmode, there is now a container available where you can assign an asset path and a video poster.

Video editable window - editmodeVideo editable window - editmodeVideo editable window - editmode

YouTube, Vimeo & Dailymotion

You can use videos from external services, as well (at the moment, YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion) but with limited functionalities. In the video edit dialog, change the type to youtube and fill the ID input with a video identifier or the video URL. (in that case you can easily find it in the url). Youtube playlists are supported as well - you can identify them by the prefix PL in the ID.

Video editable - YouTube configuration - editmodeVideo editable - YouTube configuration - editmodeVideo editable - YouTube configuration - editmode

Have a look at the frontend preview:

Video editable - YouTube configuration - frontendVideo editable - YouTube configuration - frontendVideo editable - YouTube configuration - frontend

In the configuration, you could also specify additional options for external services.

<section id="campaign_video">
{{ pimcore_video("campaignVideo", {
width: 700,
height: 400,
youtube: {
autoplay: true,
modestbranding: true
vimeo: {
autoplay: true,
loop: true

It is possible to limit the available types for this editable. The selection can be restricted via the "allowedTypes" parameter.

<section id="campaign_video">
{{ pimcore_video("campaignVideo", {
allowedTypes: ["asset", "youtube"]

HTML5 with Automatic Video Transcoding (using video.js)

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
{{ pimcore_video("myVideo", {
thumbnail: "example",
width: 400,
height: 300,
attributes: {
"class": "video-js custom-class",
"preload": "auto",
"controls": "",
"data-custom-attr": "my-test"

<script src=""></script>

Read more about Video Thumbnails.