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Version: 2024.1

Manual Trigger

Besides automatic change detection, it is also possible to add items to the translation queue manually. Currently only data objects are supported.

Be aware, that this just adds items to the translation queue. Execution of the command for creating translation jobs is still necessary. See Commands for details.


Required configuration:

# Default provider used in the Pimcore Backend UI.
default_provider: "translations-provider.translationscom"
# Comma separated list of user names or user email addresses for error notification.
notification_recipients: "admin,"
# Comma separated list of supported languages. If not set then it defaults to Pimcore\Tool::getValidLanguages.
allowed_languages: "de_DE,en_US,en_GB"

UI Options

Trigger translation in context menu of trees Context MenuContext MenuContext Menu

Either (multi-select) tree items TreeTreeTree

or do it via the grid GridGridGrid

and choose source language and target languages. SettingsSettingsSettings


Configured users will receive a notification whenever a submission fails. NotificationNotificationNotification