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Version: 2024.1


Following information apply to XPlanation adapter.


When using default Xplanation translation provider service, following settings are available in configuration:

# Configuration of xplanation settings

# Authentication key of xplanation
key: ~

# Authentication salt of xplanation
salt: ~

Further settings can be applied via container parameters. See parameters.yml for a full list of all available parameters.

Overwrite necessary parameters is your project parameters.yml.

Workflow Simulation

It is possible to simulate XPlanation translation workflow with the command bin/console translations-provider-interface-bundle:simulation.

To activate simulation, also following parameter need to be set:

simulation.enabled: false # Enable the simulation
simulation.simulate-cancelling: false # Simulate cancelling rather than the complete workflow
simulation.delete-after-cancelling: false # Delete cancelled jobs (can only be done when simulate-cancelling is true)


As the same database table is used for the simulation jobs, it is not advised to use the simulation in a production environment.