Styling Settings and Frontend Build

It is possible to customize the styling of portals and thus change their look and feel.

In this section you will learn how to do this directly in the Pimcore backend. If you are interested into detailed customization possibilities via code changes take a look at Customize Appearance within the development documentation.

Style settings

You will find the style settings within the portal configuration document (root document of the portal engine site).

Style Settings

There it is possible to change certain variables through input fields and checkboxes. To change the styling the following steps are needed:

  • Change the input values and checkboxes in the "Style Settings" section according to your needs.
  • Save the document.
  • Press "Update Frontend Build".

Now the new styling should be visible in the frontend.

Description of style settings


Setting Description
Primary Hex Code main nav icons, primary button stylings, folder navigation, footer bottom bar, ... (Bootstrap CSS primary color)
Secondary Hex Code filter background color, loading icons, folder/tags switch border, ... (Bootstrap CSS secondary color)
Dark Hex Code listing teaser icon buttons, (button) icon colors, footer
Light Hex Code listing teaser "open" button, light button,...
Button Primary Text Text color of primary buttons
Button Secondary Text Text color of secondary buttons
Button Dark Text Text color of dark buttons
Button Light Text Text color of light buttons
Header Hex Code header background color
Header Icon COlor header icon color


Setting Description
Header Gradients Enable/disable gradient in the header
Nav Icon Gradients Enable/disable gradient for main navigation icons
Modal Gradients Enable/disable for the title bar of all modal windows