Upgrade Information

Following steps are necessary during updating to newer versions.

Upgrade to 2.3

  • From now on, out of the box Statistics Explorer data sources and trackers use same ES configuration as portal engine itself. If you want to change that, you need to overwrite service definition of pimcore.portal_engine.statistics_explorer.client_factory

Upgrade to 2.1.0

  • Execute all migrations of the bundle.

Upgrade to 2.0.0

  • First upgrade to last 1.x version and make sure all migrations are executed properly.
  • Migrate Pimcore to Pimcore 6.9
  • Migrate controller references to new naming scheme (e.g. ), for example by using migration command bin/console migration:controller-reference
  • Add following line to your firewalls configuration in the security.yml of your app after the pimcore_admin firewall.
            # ...
        portal_engine: '%pimcore_portal_engine.firewall_settings%'
  • Clear Pimcore Caches (bin/console pimcore:cache:clear)
  • Elastic Search mapping has changed to fix deprecations. Rebuild your index by running following commands:
bin/console portal-engine:update:index-recreate
bin/console portal-engine:update:process-index-queue