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Version: 2024.2

Backup of Pimcore

We recommend the usage of standard tools depending on your infrastructure for creating a backup of your Pimcore instance.

No matter which solution your're using, it's crucial to back up the following components:

  • All files in your project root, however you can normally exclude the following directories web/var/tmp, var/tmp, var/log, var/cache and var/sessions
  • The entire database

Poor man's backup using Unix tools

We definitely recommend to use a professional backup solution depending on your infrastructure, but sometimes a poor man's backup can be quite handy :)

# change directory to your project root
cd /var/www/your/project/

# create an archive of the entire project root, excluding temporary files
tar cfv /tmp/my-poor-mans-backup.tar ./

# create the mysql dump
mysqldump -u youruser -p yourdatabase > /tmp/my-poor-mans-backup.sql

# put the dump into the tar archive
tar rf /tmp/my-poor-mans-backup.tar /tmp/my-poor-mans-backup.sql

# zip the archive (of course you can also use xz or any other tool)
gzip /tmp/my-poor-mans-backup.tar