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Version: 2024.1

Preparing Pimcore for Version 11

Upgrade to Pimcore 10.6

  • Upgrade to version 10.6.x, if you are using a lower version.

Migrate PHP Templates to Twig

With Pimcore 11, it is required to update your PHP templates to Twig.


Be aware that Pimcore 11 does not support installing pimcore/php-templating-engine-bundle anymore. The migration to Twig is then required even for enterprise customers.

You can use a RegEx to replace strings in your template files. For example, rewrite {% extends ':Layout:default.html.twig' %} to {% extends 'Layout/default.html.twig' %}.


Better replace the strings manually with your IDE instead of as a batch process.

Code Changes

  • [Type hints] Check and add return type hints for classes extending Pimcore classes or implementing interfaces provided by Pimcore, based on the source phpdoc or comments on the methods. The return types will be added to Pimcore classes, so you must add return types to your classes extending Pimcore. You could use the patch-type-declarations tool, provided by symfony, to check for affected methods. For details please have a look here.

  • [Javascript] Replace plugins with event listener as follows:


    pimcore.plugin.MyTestBundle = Class.create(pimcore.plugin.admin, {
    getClassName: function () {
    return "pimcore.plugin.MyTestBundle";

    initialize: function () {;

    preSaveObject: function (object, type) {
    var userAnswer = confirm("Are you sure you want to save " + + "?");
    if (!userAnswer) {
    throw new pimcore.error.ActionCancelledException('Cancelled by user');

    var MyTestBundlePlugin = new pimcore.plugin.MyTestBundle();
    document.addEventListener(, (e) => {
    let userAnswer = confirm(`Are you sure you want to save ${}?`);
    if (!userAnswer) {
    pimcore.helpers.showNotification(t("Info"), t("saving_failed") + ' ' + 'placeholder', 'info');
  • [Javascript] Replace deprecated JS functions:

    • Use t() instead of ts() for translations.
    • Stop using pimcore.helpers.addCsrfTokenToUrl
  • [Deprecations] Fix deprecations defined in the upgrade notes, which is to be removed in Pimcore 11. Tip: you can search for deprecations in Symfony Profiler(Debug mode) or can run linux command tail -f var/log/dev.log | grep 'User Deprecated' for checking deprecations on runtime.

  • [Extensions] Stop using var/config/extensions.php for registering bundles, use config/bundle.php instead.

  • Don't use deprecated Pimcore\Db\ConnectionInterface interface, Pimcore\Db\Connection class and Pimcore\Db\PimcoreExtensionsTrait trait Use Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\Connection interface and Doctrine\DBAL\Connection class instead. Some methods must be replaced:

    • Use executeQuery() instead of query()
    • Use executeStatement() instead of executeUpdate(), deleteWhere(), updateWhere()
    • Use fetchAssociative() instead of fetchRow()
    • Use fetchFirstColumn() instead of fetchCol()
    • Use Pimcore\Db\Helper::fetchPairs() instead of fetchPairs()
    • Use Pimcore\Db\Helper::upsert() instead of insertOrUpdate()
    • Use Pimcore\Db\Helper::quoteInto() instead of quoteInto()
    • Use quoteIdentifier() instead of quoteColumnAs()
    • Don't use quoteTableAs()
    • Don't use limit()
    • Use Pimcore\Db\Helper::queryIgnoreError() instead of queryIgnoreError()
    • Use Pimcore\Db\Helper::selectAndDeleteWhere() instead of selectAndDeleteWhere()
    • Use Pimcore\Db\Helper::escapeLike() instead of escapeLike()
  • [Ecommerce] Switch to ElasticSearch8 implementations in case you are using elasticsearch indices.

  • [Symfony]

    • Require symfony/dotenv package in your project to keep using .env files and stop using PIMCORE_SKIP_DOTENV_FILE env var as by default it is skipped. You still could use environment specific file like .env.test or for environment specific environment variables.
      composer require --no-update symfony/dotenv
  • [Deprecations] Constant PIMCORE_PHP_ERROR_LOG is deprecated and will be removed in Pimcore 11


Make sure that migrations are executed. How to handle them highly depends on your deployment process. You can manually call bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate at any time or add it in your deployment pipeline.

If you are sure you can run all available migrations after composer update, including bundles and your app-specific migrations, just include the following part in your composer.json file:

"post-update-cmd": [
"./bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate"

Configuration Adaptions

  • [Security] Enable New Security Authenticator and adapt your security.yaml file as per changes here:

    enable_authenticator_manager: true

    Points to consider when moving to new Authenticator:

    • New authentication system works with password hasher factory instead of encoder factory.
    • BruteforceProtectionHandler will be replaced with Login Throttling.
    • Custom Guard Authenticator will be replaced with Http\Authenticator.
  • [Config Environment] Replace deprecated setting write targets and storage directory in the .env file with symfony config



    For example, see the Demo Configuration.

    type: 'symfony-config'
    directory: '/var/www/html/var/config/image-thumbnails'
    type: 'settings-store'

    # other available write targets are the following
    # video_thumbnails:
    # web_to_print:
    # predefined_properties:
    # staticroutes:
    # perspectives:
    # custom_views:
    # object_custom_layouts:
    # predefined_asset_metadata:

    You might also adapt the config_location from other extensions, like Datahub.

Migrate o_ prefix properties in the stored data

As o_ prefix will be removed from data objects system properties in v11. It is recommended to migrate the stored data to use new properties (without o_ prefix). Please adapt and use these scripts to migrate versions and recycle-bin data.

Additional Things to Consider

  • [Web2Print] Please keep in mind that the deprecated processor HeadlessChrome needs to be replaced with the new processor Chrome in Pimcore 11.
  • [Config] pimcore.assets.image.focal_point_detection was removed
  • [Composer] Please make sure to add the pimcore/compatibility-bridge-v10 to your composer.json file:
    composer require --no-update pimcore/compatibility-bridge-v10
    This package provides backward compatibility layer for some Pimcore 10 classes.
  • [Definition Files] Make sure your definition files in var/classes are up-to-date and all default values are set correctly by running following migration:
    bin/console doctrine:migration:exec 'Pimcore\Bundle\CoreBundle\Migrations\Version20230508121105'