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Version: 2024.1

Upgrade Notes

Pimcore 11.2.4 / /

Assets Thumbnails

  • Thumbnail generation for Assets, Documents and Videos now only support the following formats out of the box: 'avif', 'eps', 'gif', 'jpeg', 'jpg', 'pjpeg', 'png', 'svg', 'tiff', 'webm', 'webp'.
  • You can extend this list by adding your formats on the bottom:
- 'avif'
- 'eps'
- 'gif'
- 'jpeg'
- 'jpg'
- 'pjpeg'
- 'png'
- 'svg'
- 'tiff'
- 'webm'
- 'webp'
- 'pdf' # Add your desired format here
  • High resolution scaling factor for image thumbnails has now been limited to a maximum of 5.0. If you need to scale an image more than that, you can use the max_scaling_factor option in the configuration.
max_scaling_factor: 6.0

Pimcore 11.2.0



  • Using outputFormat config for Pimcore\Model\Document\Editable\Date editable is deprecated, use outputIsoFormat config instead.
  • Service Pimcore\Document\Renderer\DocumentRenderer is deprecated, use Pimcore\Document\Renderer\DocumentRendererInterface instead.
  • Page previews and version comparisons can now be rendered using Gotenberg v8. To replace Headless Chrome, upgrade to Gotenberg v8 and upgrade the client library: composer require gotenberg/gotenberg-php:^2

[Data Objects]:

  • Methods getAsIntegerCast() and getAsFloatCast() of the Pimcore\Model\DataObject\Data class are deprecated now.
  • All algorithms other thanpassword_hash used in Password Data Type are now deprecated, please use password_hash instead.
  • MultiSelectOptionsProviderInterface is deprecated, please use SelectOptionsProviderInterface instead.



  • Services Pimcore\Localization\LocaleService and pimcore.locale are deprecated, use Pimcore\Localization\LocaleServiceInterface instead.
  • Add rootCallback option to Pimcore\Navigation\Builder::getNavigation()


  • Bumped Symfony packages to "^6.4".

[Value Objects]

  • Added new self validating Value Objects:
    • Pimcore\ValueObject\BooleanArray
    • Pimcore\ValueObject\IntegerArray
    • Pimcore\ValueObject\Path
    • Pimcore\ValueObject\PositiveInteger
    • Pimcore\ValueObject\PositiveIntegerArray
    • Pimcore\ValueObject\StringArray

For environment variable consistency purposes in boostrap, please fix public/index.php in project root by moving Bootstrap::bootstrap(); just above $kernel = Bootstrap::kernel() line instead of outside the closure. Alternatively can be fixed by appling this patch

You may also need to adjust your bin/console to the latest version of the skeleton:

Pimcore 11.1.0



  • Properties are now only updated in the database with dirty state (when calling setProperties or setProperty).
  • Added hint for second parameter array $params = [] to Element/ElementInterface::getById
  • Pimcore\Helper\CsvFormulaFormatter has been deprecated. Use League\Csv\EscapeFormula instead.


  • Asset Documents background processing (e.g. page count, thumbnails & search text) can be disabled with config:
    enabled: false #disable generating thumbnail for Asset Documents
    process_page_count: false #disable processing page count
    process_text: false #disable processing text extraction
    scan_pdf: false #disable scanning PDF documents for unsafe JavaScript.
  • Video Assets spherical metadata is now calculated in the backfground instead of on load.

[Data Objects]:

  • Property $fieldtype of the Pimcore\Model\DataObject\Data class is deprecated now. Use the getFieldType() method instead.
  • Method getSiblings() output is now sorted based on the parent sorting parameters (same as getChildren) instead of alphabetical.
  • Input fields CheckValidity checks the column length.


  • Removed allow list filter from Pimcore\Model\Document\Editable\Link to allow passing any valid attributes in the config.
  • Property Pimcore\Navigation\Page::$_defaultPageType is deprecated.



The tokens for password reset are now stored in the DB and are one time use only (gets expired whenever a new one is generated or when consumed).

  • [Static Page Generator]: Static pages can be generated based on sub-sites main domain using below config:
    use_main_domain: true #generates pages in path /public/var/tmp/pages/
    and adapting NGINX config:
    map $args $static_page_root {
    default /var/tmp/pages/$host;
    "~*(^|&)pimcore_editmode=true(&|$)" /var/nonexistent;
    "~*(^|&)pimcore_preview=true(&|$)" /var/nonexistent;
    "~*(^|&)pimcore_version=[^&]+(&|$)" /var/nonexistent;
    map $uri $static_page_uri {
    default $uri;
    "/" /%home;

[Core Cache Handler]:

  • Remove redundant cache item tagging with own key.


  • Passing --install-bundles as empty option now installs the required bundles.

[Maintenance Mode]:

  • Maintenance mode check is handled via tmp_store in database. Using maintenance mode files is deprecated.
  • Deprecated following maintenance-mode methods in Pimcore\Tool\Admin:
    • activateMaintenanceMode, use MaintenanceModeHelperInterface::activate instead.
    • deactivateMaintenanceMode, use MaintenanceModeHelperInterface::deactivate instead.
    • isInMaintenanceMode, use `MaintenanceModeHelperInterface::isActive instead.
    • isMaintenanceModeScheduledForLogin, scheduleMaintenanceModeOnLogin, unscheduleMaintenanceModeOnLogin will be removed in Pimcore 12.

Pimcore 11.0.7

  • Putting null to the Pimcore\Model\DataObject\Data::setIndex() method is deprecated now. Only booleans are allowed.

Pimcore 11.0.0


[General] :

  • Attention: Added native php types for argument types, property types, return types and strict type declaration where possible. Double check your classes which are extending from Pimcore classes and adapt if necessary.

[Bootstrap] :

  • Relying on Pimcore\Bootstrap::bootstrap() for autoloading classes will not work anymore.
  • Removed unused constant PIMCORE_APP_BUNDLE_CLASS_FILE

[Events] :

  • Event pimcore.element.note.postAdd has been removed. Use pimcore.note.postAdd instead. Note: The event type changed from ElementEvent to ModelEvent.
  • Report Event pimcore.admin.reports.save_settings has been renamed to pimcore.reports.save_settings.
  • AdminEvents::ELEMENT_PERMISSION_IS_ALLOWED has been renamed to Pimcore\Event\ElementEvents::ELEMENT_PERMISSION_IS_ALLOWED.

[Installer] :

  • Removed --ignore-existing-config option from the pimcore:install command. The system.yaml file is not used anymore and therefore this flag became obsolete. See preparing guide
  • Changed the return type of Pimcore\Extension\Bundle\Installer\InstallerInterface::getOutput to BufferedOutput | NullOutput.
  • Adding BundleSetupEvent Event. Bundles that are available for installation can be customized in the installing process via an Eventlistener or EventSubscriber.
  • Bundles can be added and removed. You can set a flag if you want to recommend the bundle.

[Logging] :

  • Removed constant PIMCORE_PHP_ERROR_LOG
  • Bumped monolog/monolog to ^3.2 and symfony/monolog-bundle to ^3.8 (which adds support for monolog v3). Please adapt your custom implementation accordingly, eg. log records are now LogRecord Objects instead of array.
  • Removed the ability to use the pimcore_log GET parameter.

[Miscellaneous] :

  • Marked Pimcore\Model\User\AbstractUser and Pimcore\Model\User\UserRole classes as abstract.
  • Marked Pimcore\File as internal. This class shouldn't be used anymore, use Symfony\Component\Filesystem instead.

[Further Removed API Features] :

  • Removed getChilds, setChilds and hasChild use getChildren, setChildren and hasChildren instead.
  • Removed PhpArrayTable class
  • Removed deprecated PhpArrayFileTable.
  • Removed Pimcore\Db\Helper::insertOrUpdate() method, please use Pimcore\Db\Helper::upsert() instead.
  • Removed deprecated Pimcore\Db\ConnectionInterface interface, Pimcore\Db\Connection class and Pimcore\Db\PimcoreExtensionsTrait trait.
  • Removed JsonListing, please see #12877 for details.
  • Deprecated MissingDependencyException has been removed.
  • Removed deprecated getMasterRequest() in favor of getMainRequest().
  • Removed the deprecated method Kernel::getRootDir(), use Kernel::getProjectDir() instead.
  • Removed methods Pimcore\Tool\Admin::isExtJS6(), \Pimcore\Tool\Admin::getLanguageFile(), \Pimcore\Tool::exitWithError().
  • Removed the following methods from Pimcore\File: mkdir, put, getFileExtension, setDefaultMode, getDefaultMode, setDefaultFlags and rename.

[Further relevant Third Party Dependency Upgrades] :

  • Bumped friendsofsymfony/jsrouting-bundle to version ^3.2.1
  • Bumped Symfony packages to "^6.2".
  • Cleanup unused Symfony packages from composer.json, eg. form, web-link, see also #13097
  • Bumped mjaschen/phpgeo to "^4.0".
  • Bumped codeception/codeception version to ^5.0. Now, Pimcore is using a new directory structure for tests (Codeception 5 directory structure). For details, please see #13415
  • Bumped matomo/device-detector to ^6.0.
  • Bumped minimum requirement of presta\sitemap-bundle to ^3.3, dropped support for v2 and removed related BC Layer.
  • Bumped league/flysystem-bundle minimum requirement to ^3.0 (which introduces directoryExists(),has() methods and fixes support for directory_visibility configuration option). Please bump the Flysystem Adapters requirement accordingly to ^3.0 in your project composer.json.

Admin UI

[General] :

  • Removed adminer as built-in database management tool.
  • Removed deprecated Admin Event classes: Pimcore\Event\Admin\*, Pimcore\Event\AdminEvents, Pimcore\Event\Model\*.
  • Changed the navigation building process. It is easier to add main and submenus. For details please see Adding Custom Main Navigation Items

[Authentication] :

  • Removed support old authentication system
  • Removed BruteforceProtection, use Symfony defaults now
  • Removed PreAuthenticatedAdminToken
  • Admin Login Events
    • Removed AdminEvents::LOGIN_CREDENTIALS event.
    • Removed AdminEvents::LOGIN_FAILED event. Use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request\LoginFailureEvent instead.
  • Removed Pimcore Password Encoder factory, service and config.
  • Removed deprecated method Pimcore\Bundle\AdminBundle\Security\User::getUsername(), use getIdentifier() instead.
  • Deprecated method Pimcore\Tool\Authentication::authenticateHttpBasic() has been removed.
  • Deprecated method Pimcore\Tool\Authentication::authenticatePlaintext() has been removed.

[JS] :

  • Packaged some JS libraries with encore
  • Removed deprecated JS functions (ts() and pimcore.helpers.addCsrfTokenToUrl())
  • Removed Plugin Broker BC layer for JS events

[Security] :

  • Enabled Content Security Policy by default.
  • Implemented Symfony HTML sanitizer for WYSIWYG editors. Please make sure to sanitize your persisted data with help of this script. Also, when using API to set WYSIWYG data, please pass encoded characters for html entities <,>, & etc. The data is encoded by the sanitizer before persisting into db and the same encoded data will be returned by the API. For configuration details see also WYSIWYG config


[Bundles General] :

  • Removed support for loading bundles through extensions.php.
  • Removed Extension Manager(Tools -> Bundles & Bricks option) from Admin UI.
  • Removed commands: pimcore:bundle:enable, pimcore:bundle:disable.
  • Removed dontCheckEnabled config support from Areablock editable.
  • The default behaviour of asset install and Composer::installAssets is changed, which means that the files (like css, js) will be copied instead of symlinked. So, you have to run the command bin/console assets:install for every change. Behavior can be adapted in composer.json as follows:
"extra": {
"symfony-assets-install": "relative"

[Extracted Core Functionality] :

  • Functionality that was moved into its own bundle inside pimcore/pimcore repository and needs to be enabled during Pimcore install or in config/bundles.php:

    • [Application Logger] Application logger has been moved into PimcoreApplicationLoggerBundle. Please pay attention to the new namespaces for the classes from this bundle.

    • [CustomReports] have been moved into PimcoreCustomReportsBundle

      • Config pimcore:custom_reports has been removed, please use pimcore_custom_reports: in the PimcoreCustomReportsBundle insteand.
    • [Glossary] has been moved into PimcoreGlossaryBundle

      • pimcoreglossary() tag has been removed, please use the pimcore_glossary twig filter.
      • Config pimcore:glossary has been removed, please use pimcore_glossary: in the PimcoreGlossaryBundle instead.
    • [Search] has been moved into PimcoreSimpleBackendSearchBundle

      • The search functionality has been extracted to its own bundle (PimcoreSimpleBackendSearchBundle)
      • The pimcore:search-backend-reindex command has been moved to the search bundle
      • Search icons all over Pimcore won't be available without the search bundle
      • The inline search feature for some relations won't be available without the search bundle
      • The "advanced" GDPR search has also been moved. We provide a basic search to cover the fundamental functionality if the search bundle isn't available.
      • The asset, object, document and quick search have been moved to the search bundle
      • All backend-search related files have been moved to the search bundle (please check custom implementations if you rely on any backend-search component!)
      • Added additional messenger transport for backend search (pimcore_search_backend_message)
      • Moved FullTextIndexOptimizeTask command to SimpleBackendSearchBundle. According to that the namespace changed from Pimcore\Maintenance\Tasks\FullTextIndexOptimizeTask to Pimcore\Bundle\SimpleBackendSearchBundle\Task\Maintenance\FullTextIndexOptimizeTask.
    • [SEO] Document Editor, Redirects, Sitemaps, robots.txt and HTTP Errors has been moved into PimcoreSeoBundle

    • [Staticroutes] has been moved into PimcoreStaticRoutesBundle

      • Config pimcore:staticroutes: has been removed, please use pimcore_static_routes: in the PimcoreStaticRoutesBundle instead.
    • [UUID] has been moved into PimcoreUuidBundle

      • Config pimcore:general:instance_identifier has been removed, please use pimcore_uuid:instance_identifier in the PimcoreUuidBundle instead. Please run bin/console config:dump pimcore_uuid to see more about the instance identifier config after installing the bundle.
    • [WordExport] has been moved into PimcoreWordExportBundle

    • [Xliff Translation] Import/Export and related Events have been moved into PimcoreXliffBundle. Please check and adapt the Events' namespaces.

    • [WYSIWYG-Editor] The default editor changed from CKEditor to TinyMCE and has been moved into PimcoreTinymceBundle. Please adapt custom configuration and extend the html sanitizer for supporting the required html elements in wysiwyg editor.

  • Functionality that was moved into its own bundle and own repository and needs to installed via composer as well as activated in config/bundles.php:

    • [AdminBundle] Admin Bundle has been moved to pimcore/admin-ui-classic-bundle package.
      • Please require in your project composer.json file and register the bundle in Kernel:
      public function registerBundlesToCollection(BundleCollection $collection): void
      // pimcore bundles
      $collection->addBundle(new \Pimcore\Bundle\AdminBundle\PimcoreAdminBundle\PimcoreAdminBundle(), 60);
      • Removed deprecated methods getTranslator(), getBundleManager() and getTokenResolver() from the Pimcore\Bundle\AdminBundle\Controller\AdminController
    • [System Info & Tools] Php Info and Opcache Status has been moved into pimcore/system-info-bundle package.
    • [File Explorer] System File explorer has been moved to pimcore/system-file-explorer package.
    • [Web2Print] has been moved to pimcore/web-to-print-bundle package.
      • Config pimcore:documents:web_to_print has been removed, please use pimcore_web_to_print in the PimcoreWebToPrintBundle instead.
      • Print related Events have been moved into PimcoreWebToPrintBundle. Please check and adapt the Events' namespaces.
      • Deprecated HeadlessChrome Processor has been removed. Please use Chromium Processor instead.
      • Deprecated WkHtmlToPdf Processor has been removed.
      • Introducing Web2print processor Chromium that use chrome-php/chrome (same as the page previews), as replacement of HeadlessChrome processor which required NodeJS.
    • [Personalization and targeting] has been moved to pimcore/personalization package.
      • Config pimcore:targeting: has been removed, please use pimcore_personalization.targeting in the PimcorePersonalizationBundle instead.
      • Targeting is now using the opt-in approach and will not be enabled by default. Add following config to enable it:
      enabled: true
    • [Google Marketing] has been moved to pimcore/google-marketing-bundle package.
      • Config pimcore:services:google has been removed, please use pimcore_google_marketing in the PimcoreGoogleMarketingBundle instead.
      • [Google] Classes Google\Cse and Google\Cse\Item have been removed.
    • [Newsletter] has been moved to pimcore/newsletter-bundle package.
      • Config pimcore:newsletter has been removed, please use pimcore_newsletter in the PimcoreNewsletterBundle instead.
      • Newsletter related Events have been moved into PimcoreNewsletterBundle. Please check and adapt the Events' namespaces.
      • Service ids changed from pimcore.newsletter to pimcore_newsletter e.g. pimcore_newsletter.document.newsletter.factory.default


[Commands] :

  • Removed webmozarts/console-parallelization dependency to make parallelization optional. If you still want to use parallelization for console commands, please add the dependency to your own composer.json.
  • Removed the deprecated Parallelization::configureParallelization() method.
  • Removed the deprecated trait ConsoleCommandPluginTrait.

[Configuration] :

  • Pimcore\Config\Config has been removed, see #12477. Please use the returned array instead, e.g.
    $web2printConfig = Config::getWeb2PrintConfig();
    $web2printConfig = $web2printConfig['chromiumSettings'];
  • Removed legacy callback from LocationAwareConfigRepository. Therefore, configurations in the old php file format are not supported anymore.
  • Removed setting write targets and storage directory in the environment file. Instead, use the symfony config
  • Renamed default directories from image-thumbnails and video-thumbnails to image_thumbnails and video_thumbnails.
  • Removed deprecated services/aliases: Pimcore\Templating\Renderer\TagRenderer, pimcore.cache.adapter.pdo, pimcore.cache.adapter.pdo_tag_aware
  • Rename config files from *.yml to *.yaml. Note that we now use system_settings.yaml as config file and not system.yml
  • System Settings are now implementing the LocationAwareConfigRepository. See preparing guide
  • The config node pimcore.admin and related parameters are moved to AdminBundle directly under pimcore_admin node. Please adapt your parameter usage accordingly eg. instead of pimcore.admin.unauthenticated_routes, it should be pimcore_admin.unauthenticated_routes
  • The deprecated config node pimcore.error_handling and the related parameter pimcore.response_exception_listener.render_error_document was removed.
  • Moved hide_edit_image & disable_tree_preview configs from pimcore to pimcore_admin section.
  • Recommended and default format for storing the valid languages in system_settings.yaml is now an array, for example:
    • en
    • de
- en
- de

[CoreBundle] :

  • Please update CoreBundle config resource path from @PimcoreCoreBundle/Resources/config/... to @PimcoreCoreBundle/config/.. in your project configurations.
  • Priority of PimcoreCoreBundle has been changed to -10 to make sure that it is loaded after default bundles.

[Environment] :

  • Removed symfony/dotenv dependency to make loading of .env files optional. please add the requirement to your composer.json, if you still want to use .env files.
  • Removed PIMCORE_SKIP_DOTENV_FILE environment var support. You still can use environment specific file like .env.test or for environment specific environment variables.

[Gotenberg] :

  • Introducing support for Gotenberg as PDF generation, conversion, merge etc.. tool
  • [Asset] Added adapter (as alternative to LibreOffice) for preview generation of supported document type assets and set it as default adapter.
  • [Web2Print] Added settings option, configuration and processor for PDF preview and generation

[Maintenance] :

  • Removed --async & --force option from pimcore:maintenance command. Please make sure to setup to messenger:consume pimcore_maintenance independent

[Migrations] :

  • Removed executeMigrationsUp from Pimcore\Composer.
  • Pimcore does not run core migrations after composer update automatically anymore. Make sure that migrations are executed by running the command bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate --prefix=Pimcore\\Bundle\\CoreBundle.

[Naming] :

  • Renamed master, blacklist and whitelist to main, blocklist, allowlist

[Permissions] :

  • Permission for DataObjects Classes has been structured in a more granular way to have more control. Field collections, objects bricks, classification stores and quantity value units now have their own permission.

[Sessions] :

  • Removed AdminSessionHandler and AdminSessionListener. The session is now handled by Symfony.
  • Removed SessionConfiguratorInterface & SessionConfigurator so services with tag pimcore.session.configurator will not register session bags anymore.
  • Removed parameter pimcore.admin.session.attribute_bags
  • TargetingSessionBagListener - changed the signature of __construct.
  • AdminSessionHandler requires session from request stack.
  • EcommerceFrameworkBundle\SessionEnvironment not loading from or storing into session in cli mode anymore.
  • EcommerceFrameworkBundle\Tracking\TrackingManager requires session from request stack.


[Ecommerce General] :

  • Ecommerce bundle has been moved into a package pimcore/ecommerce-bundle. If you wish to continue using the ecommerce framework, then please require the package in your composer.json and install it after enabling in config/bundles.php.
  • The constructor of the following services has been changed, please adapt your custom implementation accordingly:
    • IndexService\ProductList\DefaultMysql, IndexService\ProductList\DefaultFindologic
    • IndexService\Worker\AbstractElasticSearch, IndexService\Worker\DefaultFindologic, IndexService\Worker\DefaultMysql, IndexService\Worker\OptimizedMysql
    • IndexService\Config\AbstractConfig and it's sub-classes.
    • Tracking\Tracker\Analytics\AbstractAnalyticsTracker and it's sub-classes.
  • Ecommerce related Events have been moved. Please check and adapt the Events' namespaces.
  • [ClassDefinition\LinkGeneratorInterface] method signature has changed, instead of Pimcore\Model\DataObject\Concrete a object is used.
  • Elasticsearch 7 support was removed
  • Config option es_client_params in index_service was removed
  • Remove deprecated methods check() and exists() from class Pimcore\Bundle\EcommerceFrameworkBundle\VoucherService\Reservation

[IndexService] :

  • Please make sure to rebuild your product index to make sure changes apply accordingly (this is relevant for mysql and elasticsearch indices). As an alternative you could manually rename and remove o_ from all index columns/fields.

[Product Interfaces] :

  • Changed return type-hints of CheckoutableInterface methods getOSPrice, getOSPriceInfo, getOSAvailabilityInfo, getPriceSystemName, getAvailabilitySystemName, getPriceSystemImplementation, getAvailabilitySystemImplementation to be non-nullable.


[All] :

  • Added setParentId, setType and setParent methods to Pimcore\Model\Element\ElementInterface
  • Removed fallback to parent id 1, when an element with a non-existing parent id gets created.
  • Passing $force parameter as boolean is not valid anymore in getById, getByPath, getElementById methods. Instead, please pass it as an associative array ( eg.['force' => true]).
  • Changed method signature on Pimcore\Model\Element\ElementInterface::save(), this changes the ::save() method on all classes (e.g. DataObjects and Pages) implementing the interface, including those inheriting from Concrete/AbstractObject, see #13207
  • Removed deprecated getTotalCount() method
  • Removed the deprecated Pimcore\Model\Element\Service::getType(), use Pimcore\Model\Element\Service::getElementType() instead.
  • Element\Service::getValidKey() strips all control/unassigned, invalid and some more special (e.g. tabs, line-breaks, form-feed & vertical whitespace) characters.
  • Removed deprecated Pimcore\Model\Element\Service::getSaveCopyName() method, please use the Pimcore\Model\Element\Service::getSafeCopyName() method instead.

[DataObjects][Assets][Documents] :

  • Datetime values for scheduled tasks, application logger and notifications are now displayed in the local timezone.

[DataObjects][Documents] :

  • Calling getChildren/getSiblings on AbstractObject, Document and Asset now returns unloaded listing. If the list is not traveresed immediately, then it is required to call load() explicitily.
  • Removed deprecated methods getObject() and setObject() on the classes Pimcore\Model\Document\Link and Pimcore\Model\DataObject\Data\Link, please use getElement() and setElement() instead.


  • Refactored Pimcore\Model\Asset::getMetadata method to allow listing of all metadata entries filtered by a specific language. Prior this version, the language filter was only available when a specific metadata name was defined in the parameters. Added native type hints and related tests.
  • Removed the deprecated marshal()/unmarshal() methods for metadata, use normalize()/denormalize() methods instead.
  • Removed the deprecated Import from Server and Import from URL options.
  • Asset/Asset Thumbnail Update messages are now routed to different queue
  • Removed VR Preview. For details please see #14111
  • Image thumbnails: Removed support for using custom callbacks for thumbnail transformations.
  • Removed loading assets via fixed namespace only. Custom Asset Types can be configured.
  • Thumbnails: improved method signature for $thumbnail->getPath(). You may now pass options as array $thumbnail->getPath(["deferredAllowed" => true, "frontend" => false]);
  • Removed deprecated property Pimcore\Model\Asset::$types, use getTypes() instead

[Image Optimizer] :

  • Removed all the Image Optimizer services (e.g. PngCrushOptimizer, JpegoptimOptimizer etc.) as image optimization is done by the new package spatie/image-optimizer.

[WebDAV] :

  • WebDAV url has been changed from https://YOUR-DOMAIN/admin/asset/webdav to https://YOUR-DOMAIN/asset/webdav

    As result of this change, the following changes are required in your nginx configuration:

    # Assets
    location ~* ^(?!/admin)(.+?)....


    # Assets
    location ~* ^(?!/admin|/asset/webdav)(.+?)....

Data Objects

  • Remove "generate type declarations" in class definitions
  • Removed method_exists bc layer, please use the corresponding interfaces instead. For details please see #9571
  • isEqual() for advanced relational field types does not check for type equality of meta fields anymore, see #12595
  • Added return types to setter methods. For details see #12185
  • Alias ReverseManyToManyObjectRelation removed, please use ReverseObjectRelation instead.
  • Changed default behaviour: getByXXX methods on Concrete class now returns objects and variants if nothing else is specified.
  • Changed $objectTypes default value to include variants in certain scenarios.
  • Removed deprecated preview url in class editor.
  • Removed sql filter functionality for data object grid
  • Loading non-Concrete objects with the Concrete class is no longer possible
  • Removed setter functions for calculated values, since they weren´t used anyway.
  • Removed o_ prefix for data object properties and database columns.
  • Due to the removal of the o_ prefix the property names classTitle, hasChildren, siblings, hasSiblings, childrenSortBy, childrenSortOrder, versionCount, dirtyLanguages and dirtyFields
  • Text data types now set their corresponding database columns to null instead of '' (empty string) when empty.
  • Method Concrete::getClass() throws NotFoundException if class is not found for an object.
  • Change type hints of Pimcore\Model\DataObject\QuantityValue\QuantityValueConverterInterface::convert():
    public function convert(QuantityValue $quantityValue, Unit $toUnit): QuantityValue;
    public function convert(AbstractQuantityValue $quantityValue, Unit $toUnit): AbstractQuantityValue;
  • Added global language switcher for localized fields
  • Added new helper inheritance helper function DataObject\Service::useInheritedValues
  • It's now possible to drop a video asset directly into an video editable in class
  • Removed Button control for DataObjects layout definition.

[Class Definitions] :

  • Class Resolver does not catch exceptions anymore.

[ClassSavedInterface] :

  • Removed method_exists bc layer. Please add the corresponding ClassSavedInterface interface to your custom field definitions. For more details check the 10.6.0 patch notes.

[CSV Export] :

  • Changed encoding of table data-types to json_encode from base64_encoded.

[CustomLayouts] :

  • Removed command pimcore:deployment:custom-layouts-rebuild as CustomLayouts are migrated to LocationAwareConfigRepository.

[Relations] :

  • Add possibility to inline download asset from relations
  • Add confirm dialog to empty button of relations and add possibility to disable clear relations in the class layout.

[UrlSlug] :

  • Removed index column and index index from object_url_slugs table as it was not being used anywhere.
  • Allow processing unpublished fallback document is now default behaviour, removed the related configuration options and usages (allow_processing_unpublished_fallback_document, ElementListener::FORCE_ALLOW_PROCESSING_UNPUBLISHED_ELEMENTS). For details, please see #10005


  • Removed the functionality to input metadata html tags in Settings section of the document.
  • Removed $types property from Pimcore\Model\Document. Use getTypes method instead.
  • Removed pimcore:document:types from config. The types will be represented by the keys of the type_definitions:map
  • Removed deprecated Pimcore\Routing\Dynamic\DocumentRouteHandler::addDirectRouteDocumentType() method, please use the config instead.
  • Added pimcore:documents:cleanup command to remove documents with specified types and drop the related document type tables, useful in the cases like the removal of headless documents or web2print page/containers after uninstallation, see Documents
  • Removed the attributes field from the link editable.
  • Deprecated WkHtmlToImage has been removed.
  • Added a second boolean parameter $validate to the setContentMainDocumentId() method. This will restrict the option to set pages as content main documents to each other. For details, please see #12891
  • Refactored pimcore.documents.valid_tables to be an option under each document type definition (eg. instead of an own array node
  • Moving a document in the tree no longer opens the redirect prompt asking to create redirects. Creating a redirect is now configurable with pimcore:redirects:auto_create_redirects. This config includes URLSlugs and Pretty URLs.
auto_create_redirects: true
  • Configuration of document types has changed. Now it is possible to change the navigational behavior and more of each document type in the configuration.
class: \Pimcore\Model\Document\Page
translatable: true
valid_table: 'page'
direct_route: true
translatable_inheritance: true
children_supported: true
only_printable_childrens: false
predefined_document_types: true

[Areabricks] :

  • The default template location of AbstractTemplateAreabrick is now TEMPLATE_LOCATION_GLOBAL.

[Controllers] :

  • Removed deprecated SensioFrameworkExtraBundle which affects the following:
    • @Template annotation must be replaced with #[Template] attribute. Template guessing based on controller::action is not supported anymore.
    • @ResponseHeader annotation must be replaced with #[ResponseHeader] attribute. Removed deprecated Pimcore\Controller\Configuration\ResponseHeader.
    • @ParamConverter annotation must be replaced with #[DataObjectParam] attribute.
  • FrontendController::renderTemplate(): Changed the visibility to protected.

[Chromium] :

  • Added support to run chromium in Docker container and work via websocket for web2print and page previews, along of running it by a local binary.

[DocType] :

  • staticGeneratorEnabled is now a boolean instead of an integer

[Document Editables] :

  • Removed method_exists bc layer for getDataEditmode(), rewriteIds() & load(), please use the corresponding interfaces EditmodeDataInterface, IdRewriterInterface & LazyLoadingInterface instead.
  • Calling the method Pimcore\Navigation\Builder::getNavigation() using extra arguments is
  • Methods Pimcore\Navigation::setDefaultPageType, Pimcore\Navigation::getDefaultPageType, Pimcore\Navigation\Container::_sort() and Pimcore\Navigation\Page::_normalizePropertyName()` have been marked as internal.

[Sites] :

  • Calling absolute path from a site is not possible anymore. If the absolute path is called, a 404 error will be returned instead.
  • Default Site Id has been updated from default to 0. Please update configs using default site id accordingly.

[Video Editable] :


[PHP Options] :

  • Removed setting following options: memory_limit, max_execution_time, max_input_time and display_errors

[PHP] :

  • The minimum supported PHP version is now 8.1 and added support for 8.2

[Symfony] :

  • Replace deprecated Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\RequestMatcher with Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\ChainRequestMatcher


[Application Logger] :

  • Removed deprecated PIMCORE_LOG_FILEOBJECT_DIRECTORY constant, since flysystem is used to save/get fileobjects. Please make sure to adapt your code and migrate your fileobjects manually.
  • Table names of archive tables are now named with year-month rather than month-year see #8237.

[Cache] :

  • Removed psr/simple-cache dependency, due to the lack of usage in the Core.
  • Responses containing a header Cache-Control: no-store will no longer be cached by the full page cache.
  • Removed the Pimcore\Cache\Runtime cache helper and Pimcore\Cache\RuntimeCacheTrait. The runtime cache is now handled by Pimcore\Cache\RuntimeCache.

[Console] :

  • Methods execInBackgroundUnix & execInBackgroundWindows visibility changed from protected to private and for getSystemEnvironment from public to private.

[Email] :

  • Removed the deprecated methods setBodyHtml(), setBodyText(), createAttachment() and setSubject(). Use html(),
  • Bumped league/html-to-markdown to ^5.1.

[Translations] :

  • Translations Domains needs to be registered in order to be considered as valid. If you are using custom domains
    • site_1
    • site_2
- site_1
- site_2
  • Added Symfony's html sanitizer to \Pimcore\Model\Translation\Dao::save method.

[Workflows] :

  • Removed classes Pimcore\Model\Workflow, Pimcore\Model\Workflow\Dao, Pimcore\Model\Workflow\Listing\Dao and Pimcore\Model\Workflow\Listing.