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Pimcore Copilot

The Pimcore Copilot serves as the central starting point for executing various actions within the Pimcore backend. It will open in a separate window, allowing you to initiate different actions to interact with Pimcore and automate various tasks.

The available actions will be context-sensitive, offering different functionalities depending on the context from which you access the Pimcore Copilot.

You can also access every available menu point via the Copilot window.

Copilot WindowCopilot WindowCopilot Window

By default, the Pimcore Copilot can be started via the following key binding: Alt + X. You can change the setting of the key binding in the My Profile page to your favored key combination.

The Pimcore Copilot can handle three different types of actions:

Regular Actions

These actions do not need any additional configuration and directly execute some action or feature. Examples for Regular Actions are opening a custom report (Available via the PimcoreCopilotShowcaseBundle) or executing features available via the main toolbar (e.g. opening redirects).

Automation Actions

These actions run asynchronously in background, can have multiple steps and support user inputs to fulfill the required task by automation. They can be started manually via Copilot Window, or executed based on a scheduler configuration.

Examples for automation actions are the creation of object variants or the assignment of assets to objects.

Interaction Actions

Interaction actions allow the user to interact with Copilot in a chatbot like way and so refine certain results to tailor the outcome to specific needs.

The bundle includes some preconfigured actions that are ready to use or can act as an inspiration for your own implementations. If you want to add your own actions, follow these instructions.

The Pimcore Copilot also features a job execution engine and a job run overview, enabling users to track the status of long-running jobs, abort running jobs, or restart already finished jobs.

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