Configuration Tree

Following configurations are available via symfony configuration tree. Use bin/console config:dump-reference PimcoreTranslationsProviderInterfaceBundle for most up-to-date list.

# Default configuration for "PimcoreTranslationsProviderInterfaceBundle"

    # Configuration of general settings

        # Automatically submit translation job after created. If set to false, command has to executed to submit jobs (=default).
        auto_submit:          true

        # Default provider used in the Pimcore Backend UI.
        default_provider:     ~

        # Comma separated list of user names or user email addresses for error notification.
        notification_recipients: ~

        # Comma separated list of supported languages. If not set then it defaults to Pimcore\Tool::getValidLanguages.
        allowed_languages:    ~

        # Check redelivery not older than X days.
        redelivery_threshold: 60

        # Maximum number of communication attempts before job goes into error state.
        error_threshold:      10

    # Configuration of settings
            url:                  ~
            username:             ~
            password:             ~
            defaultFileFormatProfile: PimcoreXML