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Environment-Specific Configurations

Pimcore supports different configurations for different environments (dev, test, stage, prod, ...) as well as custom configurations including a fallback mechanism.

Pimcore is relying on Symfony's environments, with some extras, however all the essential information can be found in the Symfony Docs

In addition to Symfony configurations, Pimcore also supports environment specific configs for:

The environment specific config file has priority over the default config, so if your current environment is dev Pimcore first checks if e.g. var/config/image-thumbnails_dev.php exists, if not the default config var/config/image-thumbnails.php is used.

Configuration Storage Locations & Fallbacks

For certain configurations which can be edited in the user interface, Pimcore provides the possibility to configure them using various storage types. Available storages are (in priority order):

  • Symfony Config (YAML, needs container rebuild)
  • Pimcore SettingsStore
  • Pimcore Legacy PHP Array Config (deprecated)

This feature is currently supported by the following configurations:

  • Custom reports
  • Document types
  • Image thumbnails
  • Video thumbnails
  • Web2Print Settings
  • Predefined properties
  • Predefined asset metadata
  • Static Routes
  • Perspectives
  • Custom views

You can change the write target individually for each type by using environment variables. The following options are available:

  • symfony-config - write configs as Symfony Config as YAML files to /var/config/.../example.yaml
  • settings-store - write configs to the SettingsStore
  • disabled - do not allow to edit/write configs at all

Available environment variables are:


Production environment with symfony-config

When using symfony-config write target, configs are written to Symfony Config files (yaml), which are only getting revalidated in debug mode. So if you're changing configs in production you won't see any update, because these configs are read only.

If you'd like to allow changes in production, switch to the alternate settings-store config storage. You can do so by adding the following to your .env or just set the env variable accordingly, e.g.: