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Predefined Document-Types


Pimcore provides the ability to define preconfigurations for documents, which makes it easier for editors to work with many different controller/action and templates. By using this feature the editors don't have to have any knowledge of which controller/action/template should be used in a specific document because they can choose out of a predefined set of configurations with a friendly name.


To define document-type go to Settings > Document-Types. Document types grid

Let's suppose that you've created controller, action and template for a books listing.

Reference to the action: App\Controller\BookController::listAction
Reference to the template: templates/book/list.html.twig

To add a new document-type which renders the book listing template, you have to click on the Add button first and then fill out the newly created configuration row accordingly.

New document type

The type can be either a page, snippet, email, newsletter, printcontainer or printpage.
After you have defined a type you can access it in the context menu or in the document settings:

Document Settings Preview

Document type - settings preview

Context Menu Preview

Document type - context menu preview