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Upgrade Notes


  • [Maintenance] Maintenance tasks are now handled with Symfony Messenger. The pimcore:maintenance command will add the maintenance messages to the bus and runs them afterwards immediately from the queue. However it's recommended to setup independent workers that process the queues, by running bin/console messenger:consume pimcore_core pimcore_maintenance (using e.g. Supervisor) and adding --async option to the pimcore:maintenance command that stops the maintenance command to process the queue directly. Details about setting it up for production environments, please check Symfony Messenger Component docs.
  • [Maintenance] Image Optimizer maintenance task moved to Messages which are consumed by Symfony Messenger. If you want to disable the image optimization, please add config to avoid dispatching the messages on messenger bus:
                    enabled: false
  • [Configs] The default storage for configurations is now yaml files in the var/config directory and are loaded as Symfony Config. The old php config-files continue to work, however, changes on existing configurations as well as new configurations are written to yaml.
    Important notice: writing configs to yaml is only supported if the kernel is in debug mode, because changes of the config need a rebuild of the container configuration.
    If you require to change the config on production environments we recommend to change the storage to settings-store as described here.
  • [Asset] Pimcore now automatically supports AVIF image format for thumbnails using auto format (only Imagick). To disable AVIF please follow this instructions.
  • [DataObject API] There is change in behavior when validating the inherited dataobjects & variants. As before, the inherited object gets saved with invalid attribute value, if the parent object has a valid value for the same attribute. Now, the API will throw validation exception, if the inherited object has an invalid value. please see https://github.com/pimcore/pimcore/pull/10529


        factory_type: password_hasher

        # the password hasher factory as defined in services.yml
            App\Model\DataObject\User: website_demo.security.password_hasher_factory

and use new service handler:

        class: Pimcore\Security\Hasher\Factory\UserAwarePasswordHasherFactory
            - Pimcore\Security\Hasher\PasswordFieldHasher
            - ['password']
  • [Session] Default setting for framework.session.cookie_samesite changed to strict. For more information about the possible impact on your project, please have a look at the docs of set-cookie. If you prefer to stay on the old session cookie behavior, please add the following to your project configuration:
        cookie_samesite: 'lax'


System Requirements

 - PHP >= 8.0
 - Apache >= 2.4


- MariaDB >= 10.3
- MySQL >= 8.0
- Percona Server (supported versions see MySQL)


  • Bumped symfony/symfony to "^5.2.0". Pimcore X will only support Symfony 5.

  • ExtJS bumped to version 7.

  • Bumped:

    • guzzlehttp/guzzle to "^7.2"
    • sensio/framework-extra-bundle to "^6.1"
    • twig/twig to "^3.0"
    • egulias/email-validator to "^3.0.0"
    • onnov/detect-encoding to "^2.0"
    • mjaschen/phpgeo to "^3.0"
    • matomo/device-detector to "^4.0"
    • ext-imagick to "^3.4.0" (suggest)
    • lcobucci/jwt to "^4.0"
  • Pimcore\Model\DataObject\ClassDefinition\Data::isEqual() has been removed. For custom data types, implement \Pimcore\Model\DataObject\ClassDefinition\Data\EqualComparisonInterface instead.

  • Pimcore\Model\Document\Editable(former. Tags) properties visibility changed from protected to private.

  • [Templating]

    • PHP templating engine (including templating helpers & vars) has been removed to support Symfony 5. Use Twig or Php Templating Engine Bundle(enterprise) instead.
    • Removed ViewModel.
    • Removed Auto view rendering.
    • Removed Placeholder support. Use Twig Parameters instead.
  • Pimcore\Model\Tool\Tracking\Event has been removed.

  • Pimcore\Tool\Archive has been removed.

  • The object query table will now consider the fallback language. If you want to keep the old behavior set pimcore.objects.ignore_localized_query_fallback in your configuration.

  • Removed QR Codes.

  • Remove Linfo Integration.

  • [Ecommerce][IndexService] Removed FactFinder integration.

  • Removed Pimcore\Model\Tool\Lock.

  • Removed HybridAuth integration.

  • Removed Pimcore\Model\Document\Tag\* classes. Use Pimcore\Model\Document\Editable\* classes instead.

  • Removed pimcore_tag_ css classes, use pimcore_editable_ css instead.

  • Removed REST Webservice API.

  • Removed Legacy Service aliases.

  • [Document] Removed support for edit.php on Area-Bricks. Use new feature: Editable Dialog Box instead.

  • [Glossary] Removed support for Acronym. Use Abbr instead.

  • [Element] Added setProperties() and setProperty() methods to Pimcore\Model\Element\ElementInterface.

  • [Element] setProperty() method param $inheritable defaults to false. Adding a new property will create a non-inheritable property for documents.

  • [Document] Removed Editable Naming Strategy Support.

  • Removed Cookie Policy Info Bar Integration.

  • Removed \Pimcore\Browser class. Use \Browser instead.

  • Method signature PageSnippet::setEditable(string $name, Editable $data) has been changed to PageSnippet::setEditable(Editable $editable).

  • Removed Tag & Snippet Management.

  • Removed Pimcore\Controller\EventedControllerInterface. Use Pimcore\Controller\KernelControllerEventInterface and Pimcore\Controller\KernelResponseEventInterface instead.

  • Doctrine dependencies bumped to latest major version:

    • "doctrine/common": "^3.0.0"
    • "doctrine/inflector": "^2.0.0"
  • Removed service pimcore.implementation_loader.document.tag. Use Pimcore\Model\Document\Editable\Loader\EditableLoader instead.

  • Removed Pimcore Bundles generator and command pimcore:generate:bundle.

  • Pimcore\Controller\Controller abstract class now extends Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Controller\AbstractController instead of Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Controller\Controller.

  • Pimcore\Translation\Translator::transChoice() & Pimcore\Bundle\AdminBundle\Translation\AdminUserTranslator::transChoice() methods have been removed. Use trans() method with %count% parameter.

  • Removed pimcore.documents.create_redirect_when_moved config. Please remove from System.yml.

  • Removed pimcore.workflows.initial_place config. Use pimcore.workflows.initial_markings instead.

  • WebDebugToolbarListenerPass has been removed and WebDebugToolbarListener has been marked as final & internal.

  • Bumped sabre/dav to ^4.1.1

  • Removed Pimcore\Model\Element\Reference\Placeholder class.

  • Removed pimcore.routing.defaults. Use pimcore.documents.default_controller instead.

  • Removed \Pimcore\Tool::getRoutingDefaults(), PageSnippet::$module|$action|get/setAction()|get/setModule(), DocType::$module|$action|get/setAction()|get/setModule(), Staticroute::$module|$action|get/setAction()|get/setModule().

  • Removed \Pimcore\Tool::getValidCacheKey/(), use preg_replace('/[^a-zA-Z0-9]/', '_', $key) instead.

  • Removed \Pimcore\Tool::isValidPath/(), use \Pimcore\Model\Element\Service::isValidPath() instead.

  • Deprecated \Pimcore\Model\Element\Service::getSaveCopyName(), use getSafeCopyName() instead.

  • Using dynamic modules, controllers and actions in static routes (e.g. %controller) does not work anymore.

  • Removed \Pimcore\Controller\Config\ConfigNormalizer.

  • Removed pimcore_action() Twig extension. Use Twig render() instead.

  • Removed \Pimcore\Console\Log\Formatter\ConsoleColorFormatter

  • Removed \Pimcore\Console\CliTrait, use php_sapi_name() === 'cli' instead.

  • Removed \Pimcore\Console\Dumper, use Symfony's VarDumper instead.

  • Removed \Pimcore\Google\Webmastertools, use \Pimcore\Config::getReportConfig()->get('webmastertools'') instead.

  • Removed \Pimcore\Helper\JsonFormatter, use json_encode($data, JSON_PRETTY_PRINT) instead.

  • Removed \Pimcore\Log\Handler\Mail, there's no replacement for this internal class.

  • Removed \Pimcore\File::isIncludeable() method, there's no replacement.

  • Removed \Pimcore\DataObject\GridColumnConfig\AbstractConfigElement just implement \Pimcore\DataObject\GridColumnConfig\ConfigElementInterface instead.

  • [Documents] Renderlet Editable: removed action & bundle config. Specify controller reference, e.g. App\Controller\FooController::myAction

  • Bumped codeception/codeception to "^4.1.12".

  • Pimcore Bundle Migrations: Extending the functionality of DoctrineMigrationsBundle is not any longer possible the way we did it in the past. Therefore we're switching to standard Doctrine migrations, this means also that migration sets are not supported anymore and that the available migrations have to be configured manually or by using flex.

              'Pimcore\Bundle\DataHubBundle\Migrations': '@PimcoreDataHubBundle/Migrations'
              'CustomerManagementFrameworkBundle\Migrations': '@PimcoreCustomerManagementFrameworkBundle/Migrations'

    However, we've extended the doctrine commands to accept an optional --prefix option, which let's you filter configured migration classes. This is in a way an adequate replacement for the -s (sets) option.

    ./bin/console doctrine:migrations:list --prefix=Pimcore\\Bundle\\CoreBundle

  • [Ecommerce] Added setItems($items) method CartInterface, getRule() to ModificatedPriceInterface & getId() method to ProductInterface.

  • [Data Objects] Relation Data-Types: throws exception if object without an ID was assigned. e.g.

    $newObject = new MyDataObject();
    $existingObject->save(); //validation error
  • [Data Objects] ManyToMany Relation Types: throws exception if multiple assignments passed without enabling Multiple assignments on class definition.

  • [Data Objects] ReverseManyToManyObjectRelation - now supports reverse relations from ManyToOneRelation field and has been renamed to ReverseObjectRelation with BC layer.

  • [Data Object] Table Data-Type always return an array.

  • [Data Object] Model::getById() & Model::getByPath() do not catch exceptions anymore.

  • Added methods getArgument($key), setArgument($key, $value), getArguments(), setArguments(array $args = []), hasArgument($key) to Pimcore\Model\Element\ElementInterface\ElementEventInterface.

  • [Ecommerce] Changed name of interfaces from I* to *Interface .e.g. Pimcore\Bundle\EcommerceFrameworkBundle\Model\ICheckoutable => Pimcore\Bundle\EcommerceFrameworkBundle\Model\CheckoutableInterface

  • Removed cache/tag-interopdependency.

  • [Cache] Pimcore\Cache is directly based on Symfony/Cache. If you have custom cache pool configured under pimcore.cache.pools then change it to Symfony Config framework.cache.pools. Read more

  • Methods checkCsrfToken(), getCsrfToken(), regenerateCsrfToken() methdos have been removed from Pimcore\Bundle\AdminBundle\EventListener\CsrfProtectionListener. Use Pimcore\Bundle\AdminBundle\Security\CsrfProtectionHandler instead.

  • Bumped phpunit/phpunit & codeception/phpunit-wrapper to "^9"

  • Replaced html2text/html2text with soundasleep/html2text. Removed methods from Pimcore\Mail: determineHtml2TextIsInstalled(), setHtml2TextOptions($options = []), getHtml2TextBinaryEnabled(), enableHtml2textBinary(), getHtml2textInstalled().

  • Replaced doctrine/common with doctrine/persistence.

  • [Asset] Image thumbnails: Using getHtml() will return <picture> tag instead of <img> tag.

  • [Asset] Config option pimcore.assets.image.thumbnails.webp_auto_support was removed, since the browser detection is not needed anymore using the <picture> tags for thumbnails.

  • [Ecommerce] Marked AbstractOrder & AbstractOrderItem classes as abstract. Changes on AbstractOrder class:

    • Added: getCartHash(), getComment(), setComment()
    • Removed: getDeliveryEMail(), setDeliveryEMail(), getCartModificationTimestamp()
  • [Data Objects] Data-Types: Removed getPhpdocType() BC layer

  • [Ecommerce][FilterService] Added method getFilterValues() to Pimcore\Bundle\EcommerceFrameworkBundle\FilterService\FilterType\AbstractFilterType

  • [Data Objects] OwnerAwareFieldInterface: added methods _setOwner($owner), _setOwnerFieldname(?string $fieldname), _setOwnerLanguage(?string $language), _getOwner(), _getOwnerFieldname(), _getOwnerLanguage() and removed method setOwner($owner, string $fieldname, $language = null).

  • [Translations] Remove pimcore.translations.case_insensitive support.

  • [Core] Folder structure updated to support Symfony Flex. Changes as per Symfony Docs

  • [Translations] Pimcore\Model\Translation\AbstractTranslation, Pimcore\Model\Translation\Admin and Pimcore\Model\Translation\Website with corresponding listing classes have been removed. Use new class Pimcore\Model\Translation with domain support (Translation::DOMAIN_DEFAULT or Translation::DOMAIN_ADMIN).

  • Replaced scheb/two-factor-bundle with scheb/2fa-bundle, scheb/2fa-google-authenticator & scheb/2fa-qr-code.

  • Removed Laminas Packages.

  • Removed Zend Compatibility Query Builder.

  • [Ecommerce] Payment Providers: Removed WirecardSeamless, Qpay, Paypal integration and moved to a separate bundle:

    • Datatrans => https://github.com/pimcore/payment-provider-datatrans
    • Heidelpay => https://github.com/pimcore/payment-provider-unzer
    • Hobex => https://github.com/pimcore/payment-provider-hobex
    • Klarna => https://github.com/pimcore/payment-provider-klarna
    • Mpay24Seamless => https://github.com/pimcore/payment-provider-mpay24-seamless
    • OGone => https://github.com/pimcore/payment-provider-ogone
    • PayPalSmartPaymentButton => https://github.com/pimcore/payment-provider-paypal-smart-payment-button
    • PayU => https://github.com/pimcore/payment-provider-payu
  • [Core] Security configurations not merged anymore from custom bundles.

  • twig/extensions dependency has been removed.

  • Removed legacy transliterator (changes related to \Pimcore\Tool\Transliteration::_transliterationProcess).

  • Config: Invalid pimcore configurations will result in compile error:

  • [Data Objects] Removed getFromCsvImport() method from data-types.

  • Replaced Ramsey/Uuid with Symfony/Uuid.

  • Matomo Integration has been removed.

  • Pimcore\Tool\Console::exec() method has been removed. Use Symfony\Component\Process\Process instead.

  • \Pimcore\Tool\Console::getOptions() method has been removed.

  • \Pimcore\Tool\Console::getOptionString() method has been removed.

  • \Pimcore\Tool\Console::checkCliExecution() method has been removed.

  • Pimcore\Twig\Extension\Templating\Navigation::buildNavigation() method has been removed.

  • Pimcore\Tool\Mime class has been removed. Use Symfony\Component\Mime\MimeTypes instead.

  • [Documents] Areabricks: location changed from Areas to areas with BC layer.

  • [Documents] Areablocks: Adding a brick to areablocks will not trigger reload by default anymore and should be configured per Brick.

  • SQIP support has been removed.

  • Thumbnail::getHtml() doesn't accept direct pass of HTML attributes such as class or title anymore, use imageAttributes or pictureAttributes instead.

  • Removed methods getForcePictureTag() and setForcePictureTag() from \Pimcore\Model\Asset\Image\Thumbnail\Config

  • \Pimcore\Model\Document\Editable\Block\AbstractBlockItem::getElement() has been removed, use getEditable() instead.

  • \Pimcore\Model\DataObject\Service::removeObjectFromSession() has been removed, use removeElementFromSession() instead.

  • \Pimcore\Model\DataObject\Service::getObjectFromSession() has been removed, use getElementFromSession() instead.

  • \Pimcore\Model\Asset\Image\Thumbnail\Config::setColorspace() has been removed

  • \Pimcore\Model\Asset\Image\Thumbnail\Config::getColorspace() has been removed

  • \Pimcore\Model\DataObject\ClassDefinition\Data\DataInterface has been removed

  • \Pimcore\Model\Asset\Listing::getPaginatorAdapter has been removed, use knplabs/knp-paginator-bundle instead.

  • \Pimcore\Model\Document\Listing::getPaginatorAdapter has been removed, use knplabs/knp-paginator-bundle instead.

  • \Pimcore\Model\DataObject\Listing::getPaginatorAdapter has been removed, use knplabs/knp-paginator-bundle instead.

  • \Pimcore\Google\Cse::getPaginatorAdapter has been removed, use knplabs/knp-paginator-bundle instead.

  • \Pimcore\Helper\RobotsTxt has been removed

  • \Pimcore\Tool\Frontend::getSiteKey() method has been removed.

  • \Pimcore\Model\User::getUsername() has been removed, use User::getName() instead.

  • \Pimcore\Cache\Runtime::get('pimcore_editmode') isn't supported anymore, use EditmodeResolver service instead.

  • [Documents] Editable::factory() was removed, use EditableLoader service instead.

  • [Data Objects] Removed CSV import feature. Use https://github.com/pimcore/data-importer or https://github.com/w-vision/DataDefinitions instead.

  • [DataObjects] marked Pimcore\DataObject\GridColumnConfig\Operator operator classes as final and internal

  • [DataObjects] PHP Class Pimcore\Model\DataObject\Data\Geopoint has been replaced with GeoCoordinates. Changed the signature of __construct.

  • Added Pimcore\Bundle\EcommerceFrameworkBundle\FilterService\FilterType\AbstractFilterType::getFilterValues() with the same signature as getFilterFrontend(). To upgrade, rename getFilterFrontend() to getFilterValues() and remove the rendering stuff to just return the data array.


    public function getFilterFrontend(AbstractFilterDefinitionType $filterDefinition, ProductListInterface $productList, $currentFilter)
        // ...
        return $this->render($this->getTemplate($filterDefinition), [


    public function getFilterValues(AbstractFilterDefinitionType $filterDefinition, ProductListInterface $productList, array $currentFilter): array
        // ...
        return [
  • Added Validation for Geo datatypes

    • for Geopolyline and Geopolygon invalid data doesn't get serialized 1:1 anymore
    • for Geobounds and Geopoint invalid data doesn't get dropped silently anymore
  • Calling $imageAsset->getThumbnail('non-existing-thumbnail-definition) with a non-existing thumbnail definition will now throw an exception. Same goes for video assets and video image thumbnails.

  • Removed grid column operator ObjectBrickGetter since it is obsolete

  • Grid operator AnyGetter available only for admin users from now on

  • [Ecommerce] Added getAttributeConfig method to Pimcore\Bundle\EcommerceFrameworkBundle\IndexService\Config\ConfigInterface interface

  • [Ecommerce] Added getClientConfig method to Pimcore\Bundle\EcommerceFrameworkBundle\IndexService\Config\ElasticSearchConfigInterface

  • [Ecommerce] Added abstract method setSuccessorOrder to Pimcore\Bundle\EcommerceFrameworkBundle\Model\AbstractOrder

  • [Ecommerce] Indexing doesn't catch any exceptions that occur during preprocessing of attributes in BatchProcessing workers (e.g. elasticsearch). You can change that behavior with event listeners.

  • [Ecommerce] Added abstract method setCartHash to Pimcore\Bundle\EcommerceFrameworkBundle\Model\AbstractOrder

  • [Ecommerce] Added getFieldNameMapped to Pimcore\Bundle\EcommerceFrameworkBundle\IndexService\Config\ElasticSearchConfigInterface

  • [Ecommerce] Added getReverseMappedFieldName to Pimcore\Bundle\EcommerceFrameworkBundle\IndexService\Config\ElasticSearchConfigInterface

  • [Ecommerce] Changed tenant config type hint to FindologicConfigInterface in Pimcore\Bundle\EcommerceFrameworkBundle\IndexService\ProductList\DefaultFindologic::__construct

  • [Ecommerce] Changed price fields totalNetPrice and totalPrice of OnlineShopOrderItem to decimal.

  • [Ecommerce] Removed deprecated configuration options enabled, pricing_manager_id and pricing_manager_options for pricing_manager. Use tenant specific options.

  • [Ecommerce] Removed deprecated functions get/setCurrentTenant and get/setCurrentSubTenant of EnvironmentInterface

  • [Ecommerce] Removed deprecated service alias for Pimcore\Bundle\EcommerceFrameworkBundle\IEnvironment

  • [Ecommerce] Removed deprecated functions getGeneralSearchColumns, createOrUpdateTable, getIndexColumns and getIndexColumnsByFilterGroup of IndexService

  • [Ecommerce] Removed deprecated function getPaginatorAdapter from ProductList\MySql, ProductList\DefaultFindologic, ProductList\ElasticSearch\AbstractElasticSearch, Token\Listing and AbstractOrderList

  • [Ecommerce] Removed deprecated functions getCalculatedPrice and getCalculatedPriceInfo from AbstractSetProduct

  • [Ecommerce] Removed deprecated protected function getAvailableFilterValues from Order\Listing

  • [Ecommerce] Activated generateTypeDeclarations for all generated data object classes and field collections. For migration activate generateTypeDeclarations to all Ecommerce Framework data object classes and update your source code accordingly.

  • [Ecommerce] Made methods abstract instead of throwing UnsupportedException where easily possible for model classes (AbstractProduct, AbstractSetProduct, AbstractOfferToolProduct, AbstractOfferItem, AbstractOffer).

  • [Ecommerce] Added type declarations to Ecommerce Framework product interfaces (ProductInterface, IndexableInterface, CheckoutableInterface).

  • [Ecommerce] Removed Elasticsearch 5 and 6 support

  • [Ecommerce] getItemAmount and getItemCount of Carts now require string parameter (instead of boolean). Use one of CartInterface::COUNT_MAIN_ITEMS_ONLY, CartInterface::COUNT_MAIN_AND_SUB_ITEMS, CartInterface::COUNT_MAIN_OR_SUB_ITEMS.

  • [Ecommerce] Removed legacy CheckoutManager architecture, migrate your project to V7 if not already

    • CancelPaymentOrRecreateOrderStrategy is now default strategy for handling active payments
    • Removed method isCartReadOnly from cart and cart_readonly_mode configuration option as readonly mode does not exist anymore.
    • Removed deprecated method initPayment from PaymentInterface
  • [Ecommerce] Removed deprecated ecommerce:indexservice:process-queue command, use ecommerce:indexservice:process-preparation-queue or ecommerce:indexservice:process-update-queue instead

  • [Ecommerce] Removed deprecated mapping option in index attributes configuration (never worked properly anyway)

  • [Ecommerce] Removed deprecated IndexUpdater tool

  • [Ecommerce] Removed legacy BatchProcessing worker mode, product centric batch processing is now standard

    • Removed abstract class AbstractBatchProcessingWorker, use ProductCentricBatchProcessing instead
    • Removed methods from interface BatchProcessingWorkerInterface and its implementations:
      • BatchProcessingWorkerInterface::processPreparationQueue
      • BatchProcessingWorkerInterface::processUpdateIndexQueue
    • Added methods to interface BatchProcessingWorkerInterface
      • BatchProcessingWorkerInterface::prepareDataForIndex
      • BatchProcessingWorkerInterface::resetPreparationQueue
      • BatchProcessingWorkerInterface::resetIndexingQueue
    • Removed constants
      • ProductCentricBatchProcessingWorker::WORKER_MODE_LEGACY
      • ProductCentricBatchProcessingWorker::WORKER_MODE_PRODUCT_CENTRIC
    • Removed configuration node worker_mode in index_service configuration
  • [Ecommerce] Moved method getIdColumnType from MysqlConfigInterface to ConfigInterface. Since it was and still is implemented in AbstractConfig this should not have any consequences.

  • [Ecommerce] Timestamp of CartItems is now in mirco seconds (existing data will be migrated).

  • [Ecommerce][PricingManager] Added two new interfaces ProductActionInterface and CartActionInterface. All actions need to implement either of it - otherwise they will not be considered anymore in price calculation.

  • [Web2Print]

    • Removed PdfReactor8, use PdfReactor instead.
    • Removed PDFreactor version selection in web2print settings, since most current PDFreactor client lib should be backwards compatible to older versions.
  • [Email & Newsletter] Swiftmailer has been replaced with Symfony Mailer. \Pimcore\Mail class now extends from Symfony\Component\Mime\Email and new mailer service Pimcore\Mail\Mailer has been introduced, which decorates Symfony\Component\Mailer\Mailer, for sending mails.

    Email method and transport setting has been removed from System settings. Cleanup Swiftmailer config and setup mailer transports "main" & "newsletter" in config.yaml:

                main: smtp://user:pass@smtp.example.com:port
                pimcore_newsletter: smtp://user:pass@smtp.example.com:port

    please see Symfony Transport Setup for more information.

    API changes:


        $mail = new \Pimcore\Mail($subject = null, $body = null, $contentType = null, $charset = null);
        $mail->setBodyText("This is just plain text");
        $mail->setBodyHtml("<b>some</b> rich text: {{ myParam }}");


        $mail= new \Pimcore\Mail($headers = null, $body = null, $contentType = null);
        $mail->text("This is just plain text");
        $mail->html("<b>some</b> rich text: {{ myParam }}");


      $mail->setFrom($emailAddress, $name);
      $mail->setTo($emailAddress, $name);


      $mail->from(new \Symfony\Component\Mime\Address($emailAddress, $name));
      $mail->to(new \Symfony\Component\Mime\Address($emailAddress, $name));
  • [Email & Newsletter] \Pimcore\Mail::setEnableLayoutOnRendering/getEnableLayoutOnRendering() methods have been removed, with Twig they are just not necessary anymore.

  • [Email & Newsletter] \Pimcore\Mail::isValidEmailAddress() method has been removed, use EmailValidator instead.

  • [Security] BruteforceProtectionHandler & BruteforceProtectionListener has been made final and marked as internal.

  • [JWTCookieSaveHandler] Pimcore\Targeting\Storage\Cookie\JWT\Decoder has been removed in favor of Lcobucci\JWT\Encoding\JoseDecoder.

  • simple_html_dom library has been removed. Use Symfony\Component\DomCrawler\Crawler instead.

  • Removed deprecated Twig extension pimcore_action().

  • Removed method getFlag() from Pimcore\Config.

  • Removed Pimcore\Report class.

  • [Versioning] Default behavior has been changed to following:

    • Empty values for steps & days => unlimited versions.
    • Value 0 for steps or days => no version will be saved at all & existing will be cleaned up.

    please update your system settings as per the requirements.

  • Removed deprecated marshal() and unmarshal() methods from object data-types.

  • DynamicTextLabelInterface::renderLayoutText() must handle nullable object param.

  • [AdminBundle] Marked classes and controllers as @internal/final - please see all changes here: https://github.com/pimcore/pimcore/pull/8453/files & https://github.com/pimcore/pimcore/pull/8988/files