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Settings Store

The settings store is a simple key value store and allows to persist any kind of settings into the Pimcore database via API. There is no user interface for the Settings Store available. Compared to the TmpStore the settings do not have an expiry date and will not be cleaned up.

Sample use cases for settings store are:

  • Persist if a bundle is installed.
  • Runtime settings of a bundle.
  • ...

The stored settings can be namespaced/grouped with a scope attribute and can be of following scalar data types:

  • string
  • bool
  • int
  • float

We highly recommend to use the scope attribute when using the settings store for a bundle (e.g. the bundles name), while you can omit it when using the settings store for your app.

Sample Usage

// store or update setting (id, data, type, scope)
SettingsStore::set('my-setting-id', 'this is some setting value', 'string', 'bundle-settings-1');

// load setting by id
$setting = SettingsStore::get('my-setting-id');

// load all settings ids for specific scope
$ids = SettingsStore::getIdsByScope('bundle-settings-1');

// delete setting