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Pimcore Datahub Simple Rest API

This extension adds a simple read-only rest API endpoint to Pimcore Datahub for assets and data objects. All exposed data can be configured, is indexed in OpenSearch and delivered from there for better query performance and scalability.

Therefore, it can be used to connect Pimcore to other systems or to connect frontend applications.

Features in a Nutshell

  • Schema and exposed data configuration like with other Datahub adapters
  • Data indexed in and delivered from OpenSearch indices (no additional load on database when accessing data via rest endpoints)
  • Endpoint documentation and test via Swagger UI
  • Three available endpoints:
    • tree-items: loads all elements of a tree level
    • search: searches elements, returns elements of all types, no folder structures
    • get-element: gets one single element by type and id.
  • Endpoint security via bearer token that has to be sent as a header with every request.

SwaggerSwaggerSwagger Datahub Simple Rest API available endpoints

Documentation Overview

Further Information

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