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Every element can have custom properties. You can find these in the Properties tab for each type of elements (documents, assets, objects).

Properties in the documentProperties in the documentProperties in the document

The properties could be used to specify some special behavior when the document is rendered.

Have a look at a few cases below:

  • Hide the main navigation
  • Show the sidebar
  • Use an additional stylesheet

Get property in the template

The following example shows how you can get a property value in the template:

{# retrieve the value of a property named "hideNavigation" #}
{% set hideNavigation = document.getProperty('hideNavigation') %}

Predefined properties

With predefined properties you can help/show the editors working within your Pimcore installation which properties are available for their use. You can also define default values for each defined property to improve the productivity of your editors.

Predefined does not mean that the value of the predefined property is available for every document. To add global properties which are available everywhere use Website Settings instead.

Predefined properties - selectboxPredefined properties - selectboxPredefined properties - selectbox

Configuration example

You can find the Predefined properties configuration in the SettingsSettingsSettings Settings -> Predefined properties menu.

Predefined properties configurationPredefined properties configurationPredefined properties configuration

The following fields are available in the properties configuration.

NameIs required?Description
NameYThe friendly name shown in the selection.
DescriptionNThe description would help understand a specific property meaning.
KeyYThis field is the key which you use in your code to retrieve the contents of the property. For example: $document->getProperty("key");
TypeYSpecifies the type of the content which is allowed in the property.
Available types are: text, document, asset, object, bool (checkbox), select.
ValueNHere you can define a default value for this property which is added automatically to the property when it is added to an element. This field is optional.
See the example configuration above for details.
ConfigurationNThis field is used to configure a property. At the moment, this is used only by the property-type select. Separate options with a comma.
Content-TypeYDefines for which element-type (document, asset or object) the property should be available.

Each defined field can be overwritten in the element after it was added.