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Translation Workflow


Changed items are collected into a queue (translations_interface_bundle__data_changed table). Collection takes place via

Creating Translation Jobs

Once changes are collected, one or more items are combined to one translation job. Translation job creation is always done via following command

php bin/console translations-provider-interface-bundle:jobs -c

Generated jobs can be found in the translations_interface_bundle__jobs table.

However, the jobs are not submitted for translation yet.

Translation Jobs Workflow

Once translation jobs are created, they follow following workflow. Transitions are possible via translation jobs dashboard or via commands. Default WorkflowDefault WorkflowDefault Workflow

Error Notifications

In case of submission errors a notification (via the Notification Center) will be sent to

  • The submitter for manually triggered translation requests (see below)
  • an additional list of recipients as defined in the config. Example:
# Comma separated list of user names or user email addresses for error notification.
notification_recipients: "admin,jondoe"