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Version: 2023.2

Update Notices

Update to Version 4

  • Execute SQL script src/Resources/sql/segmentAssignment/storedFunctionObject.sql, only for Pimcore 11.
  • Remove Single Sign On custom implementations & classes e.g. SSOIdentity, OAuth1Token, OAuth2Token and ssoIdentities field in Customer class.

Update to Version 3

  • Activate Generate Type Declarations for all classes generated/used by the Customer Management Framework:
    • Customer
    • CustomerSegment
    • CustomerSegmentGroup
    • SsoIdentity
  • Migrate all templates to twig.
  • Add following line to your firewalls configuration in the security.yml of your app after the pimcore_admin firewall.
# ...
cmf_webservice: '%customer_management_framework.firewall_settings%'
  • Webservices URLs changed to /__customermanagementframework/webservice/*
  • Execute all migrations of Customer Management Framework.

Additional code changes (that might affect your application)

  • Migrated SearchQueryParser\QueryBuilder\ZendCompatibility to Doctrine\DBAL\Query\QueryBuilder.
  • Migrated Zend\Paginator to Knp\Component\Pager.
  • FilterHandler::addFilter has no operator as parameter anymore (as this was only considered with SearchQuery filters). Use new BoolanCombinator for combining multiple filters with OR operator instead.
  • AbstractObjectActivity::toArray and GDPR exporter results might be different, as it utilizes new normalize methods instead of deprecated getDataForWebservice methods.

Removed features in Version 3

  • Removed SegmentTrackedListener for tracking tracked segments into Piwik/Matomo (as matomo integration is deprecated in Pimcore 6.9 and removed in Pimcore X).
  • Migrated all templates to php templates and removed templating helpers.
  • CSV Importer integration as it is also removed from Pimcore X. Use Pimcore Data Importer instead.

Update to Pimcore X

  • Update to Pimcore 6.9.
  • Update Customer Management Framework to latest version (compatible to Pimcore 6.9).
  • Execute all migrations of Customer Management Framework.
  • Update to Pimcore X.