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Version: 2023.2

Behavioral Targeting and Personalization

Pimcore provides a very powerful integrated behavioral targeting and personalization engine. With this toolkit, it is possible to profile visitors based on their behavior, assign target groups to them and provide personalized content to these target groups. This makes it possible to show your customers contextual, relevant, and personalized content.

Before starting with Personalization you should know about the following Pimcore concepts:

After reading everything about the base concepts, you are ready to get started with personalizing content.

For details on how to extend Pimcore's targeting engine and use targeting information in custom modules see our Dev Docs

Features in a Nutshell

  • Add behavioral targeting and personalization to Pimcore.
  • Allow defining target groups.
  • Set up visitor profiling with rules based on their behavior.
  • Allow creating personalized versions of documents for defined target groups.
  • Deliver personalized content to target groups.

Documentation Overview

Usage Documentation

Development Documentation