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Version: 2023.2

Pimcore Datahub

Pimcore Datahub (data delivery and consumption platform) integrates different input & output channel technologies into a simple & easy-to-configure system on top of Pimcore.

The basic configuration of Datahub comes with a GraphQL API, which is described in the next sections of this documentation. To use another configuration, Pimcore Datahub can be extended with different adapters (see Further Information).

OverviewOverviewOverview Sample presentation of Datahub config when choosing the GraphQL endpoint

A short introduction video of an output channel based on the GraphQL query language can be found here.

Features in a Nutshell

  • Easy-to-configure interface layer for data delivery and consumption
  • Tool of choice to connect Pimcore to any other systems and applications besides internal PHP API - whether they are backend applications like ERP systems or frontend applications like your storefront
  • Multiple endpoints definition for different use cases and target/source systems
  • Central and easy-to-use GUI to transform and prepare data for defined endpoints
  • To-be-exposed data restriction to endpoints by defining workspaces and schemas.

Documentation Overview

Further Information

On Pimcore Datahub adapters:


As Pimcore Datahub is a community project, any contributions highly appreciated. For details see our Contributing guide.