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Version: 2023.2

Datahub Webhooks

This extension adds Webhook functionality to Pimcore Datahub for Assets, Documents, Data Objects and workflows, and provides an option for clients to subscribe to events happening within Pimcore.

The requests to the subscribed endpoints can be configured in details for complete control of the shared information.

Therefore, it can be used to connect Pimcore to other systems based on events.


Features in a Nutshell

  • Send requests to your configured subscribers for a variation of events such as:
    • Added, updated and deleted events for all kind of elements (Data Objects, Assets and Documents).
    • Entered and completed events for workflows.
  • Configure the payload sent to your subscribers:
    • Define included element (sub) types and optionally include unpublished elements.
    • Define workspaces for your requests among available data fields for Data Objects.
    • Include binary data, such as videos, images, thumbnails and more for Assets.
  • Limit event dispatching to subscribers for configured workspaces only.

Documentation Overview

Further Information

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