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Version: 2023.2

E-Commerce Framework

Why Pimcore E-Commerce Framework

The e-commerce environment has fundamentally changed and e-commerce projects often face new challenges like:

  • complex product structures: lots of data attributes, complex product relations, configurable product systems, different sources for products
  • complex pricing structures: product dependent price sources, tier pricing, pricing matrices, individual pricing rules, integration of remote pricing services
  • complex availability calculations
  • thousands customer groups with: customer group specific prices, customer group specific assortments
  • individual checkouts: individual integration of backend systems, integration of multi-channel processes into checkout workflow
  • individual design
  • highly agile projects with changing requirements: 'fail fast', fast changing environments and requirements
  • etc.

We think for these challenges a default shop system that pops out of a box, that has a fixed product data model, fixed workflows, a template based frontend and needs to be connected and integrated with other systems via interfaces is not the tool to go for.

We think for these challenges you need...

  • a framework for developers to build outstanding e-commerce solutions for customers,
  • with a native integration into Pimcore,
  • with a component based architecture
  • and a strict separation between backend functionality and frontend presentation.

That is the idea behind the E-Commerce Framework of Pimcore. Like Pimcore itself, it is not a ready made system, it is a set of tools and functionality to help building e-commerce applications really fast and flexible.

Provided Functionality in a Nutshell

  • Tools for indexing, listing, searching and filtering products
  • Implementations of carts, wish lists, comparison lists, etc.
  • Concepts for flexible and complex pricing, taxes and availability functionality
  • Functionality and tools for implementing checkout processes
  • Pricing Rules and Vouchers
  • Tools for working with and managing Orders
  • Concepts for setting up multi tenant and multi shop solutions

For a first impression have a look at our Demo. For more complex solutions have a look at our case studies.

Working With E-Commerce Framework

Following aspects are short-cuts into the documentation for start working with the E-Commerce Framework: