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Case Study: Maxbo launched a new modern e-commerce store for consumers B2C

Maxbo is one of Norway's largest players in the building materials trade and consists of 65 department stores and a well-developed online trade in both B2B and B2C.

Maxbo has an ambitious digital strategy and has been early to invest in a holistic approach when it comes to their online sales. Pimcore has together with its partner CAG Ateles, for many years now, been a driving force in the development of Maxbo’s e-commerce solution. After an intensive selection phase, CAG Ateles received renewed trust from Maxbo to continue developing their digital platform using Pimcore and Magento.

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Conditions for e-commerce growth needed to be strengthen

To reach their goal of making the e-commerce website the largest store in the chain, Maxbo needed a new user-friendly website solution for B2C with a completely new storefront. Since an increasing amount of traffic to came from mobile visitors, they also needed the ability to optimize their website for mobile users. By doing so, they wanted to ensure a great customer experience based on fast page speed and intuitive UX and UI. Furthermore, Maxbo needed to build the foundation for a cloud-based and headless architecture that was part of Maxbo’s future investments in e-commerce.

"Maxbo will be the premier online store for both B2B and B2C in the building materials trade in Norway."

Increased customer experience through a headless and cloud-based solution

The new website is now fully cloud-based and extremely fast with modern architecture and the power to achieve Maxbo's goal of becoming the most successful building supply chain in Norway. The headless e-commerce solution is built in both Magento and Pimcore, with a storefront written using Gatsby's React-based framework. To enable that, a new API-layer was developed between Pimcore, Magento and React which made data accessible in a fast and easy way and created a great customer experience.

Increased conversion rate and customer satisfaction

With the new solution, Maxbo’s B2C website increased sales by over 200% compared to the previous year and the website went from primarily having the purpose of driving traffic to the physical store to becoming a primary sales channel. With customers having access to more relevant content, improved UX and UI and faster page speed, a smooth omni-channel customer journey was created. Maxbo’s Pimcore implementation improved both customer satisfaction and conversion rate considerably. Using Pimcore, Maxbo is now ready to continue to build on its future-proofed architecture.

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